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5th edition Nosler Reloading Guide


Dick Reece

Never shot anything but Nosler in my handloads,except for some Sierra boattails one time, which I immediately chucked. Anyhow, never used seconds, but I might give it a try.I uised to use ballistic tips, until I saw the awesome power of a partition.Those things put the game on the ground,period. So that's all I ever use.
Anyhow,just bought the 5th edition of the Nosler Reloading guide and it is really nice.Got myself some bench rest primers,some H380,and some 60 grain partitions for my 22-250,getting ready to work up a coyote/turkey load.Any of you boys have any questions about a particular caliber,ask away, I'll be glad to look it up if you don't have the book.
If any of you have any nice reloading sites,howsabout sharing ?
Hey, if you don't mind, could you look at the 270 Win. and see what they list for H4831 and 150 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips? I load 58 grains, which is maximum listed in the Hodgdon book. Just curious what Nosler shows for max, since I do use their bullets. Thanks!
Hi P.C., welcome aboard,
I've got a question. My Nosler book was printed before they came out with the 225 gr partition, could you look up the Max load for;
.338 Winchester Mag.
IMR 4350, 225 gr Partition

whats the charge & M.V.
ok guys,here it is

Washington,H4831 Max load at 150 grain is 55,so you're a tad heavy and might have a little overpressure going on,better keep an eye on your primer pockets when reloading,inspect them carefully.

Anaconda,H4350 Max load at 225-230 grain is 71.5 for IMR 4350,which happens to be the most accurate load tested for all powders in that load.
PC, I just had a thought...are you sure that was Hodgdon 4831? Or was it IMR4831? If it was IMR that would make sense. I have a Speer Manual that shows 55 grains of IMR4831 as max with a 150 bullet. Nosler may not use Hodgdon powders.
Yep,double checked,it's H4831...Max load for IMR4831 is 52 grains for 160 grain bullet...

If it works, I'd keep using the 58,just watch the primer's only 3 grains over,and the data seems to vary from one book or powder company to another.I bought the Nosler because that's all I use.
Thanks again...well my brother just got a chronograph a few weeks ago, hopefully I can shoot through it soon and see what kind of velocity I'm getting. That should give me an idea whether I'm way over pressure too. Boy wouldn't that be impressive if I was breaking 3000 fps with a 150 grain bullet.
Hello PC,

I just picked up some Nosler B-tips in 40 gr for a .222 Rem. If I may, can I impose on you to look up the data in that shiny new book of yours. I use Hodgdon 322 and Rem. 7 1/2 primers. Thank you for your help.

In a previous post I have seen that you are enjoying your Slydog calls. I have a few of them myself, and have a howler on the way. I hope that you have good sucess with your calls.
Hey Washington hunter, and PC mechanic. I'm trying to decide on a load for my 270. I'm going to go with the 150 grn moly coated partition gold bullets. I was thinking about 58 grn of H 4831, but reading above I'm not so sure now. Have you been using that load a long time Wash Hunter?? Any problems? Also do you use brass or nickel casings? Is there enough advantage to the nickel casings to justify the price? I've heard they are more durable and I may be able to get an extra loading out of them?
Thanks for the info
OH... also PC, could you please look up a max load for IMR 4350 with that 150 grn partition, and the muzzle velocity at that loading?
Thanks very much!
Maneiac the original,the best load for your 40 grain ballistic tip [solid base or CT] nosler in 222 Remington using H322 powder also happens to be the most accurate load tested for that powder and that grain of bullet, and is also the Max load for that powder.It is 24 grains.It gives you a velocity at the muzzle of 3490fps,and a load density of 93% [ it is close to a compressed load].

Willyqbc, max load for a 270 150 grain nosler partion in IMR4350 is 58 grains, giving you a muzzle velocity of 2992fps and a load density of 81%.Not too shabby.It is also the most accurate load tested for that particular powder and grain of bullet.
Also, there is a thread in this same rifle section titled "Pet 270 loads" that will give you some more ideas for 270 Win loads.

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Chris, I've been using 58 grains of H4831 with a 150 grain Nosler BT for as long as I've had my 270, about 6 years. No problems at all. I will be shooting it through a chronograph soon, and when I do I'll post the velocity I'm getting. I have some H4350 I haven't tried in the 270 yet, but I'm gonna load up a few and shoot them through the chronograph also, to see how it compares with the 4831. As far as your brass goes, I wouldn't waste your money on the nickel plated cases. Regular brass works fine, and you can buy 100 new cases for around $27. I don't load mine more then 2 or 3 times usually. I just buy new brass, it's cheap enough.
Chris, I will be curious how your rifle likes those Partition Golds. My dad has a BAR in 270 and I was trying to sight it in for him with a box of Federal's loaded with that same bullet. They were all over the target and after 12 shots I still had no idea where it was shooting. It never would put two shots within less than 8 or 10 inches of each other. And this is from a solid bench and 100 yards. I had almost given up, thinking it had to be the scope. I decided to try my handloads with the 150 Nosler BT's. It put the first three shots into 3/4 of an inch! I decided right then and there that I would never ever shoot those Nosler Gold's again. But, that rifle may have just been picky. Please let us know how your rifle likes them.
Washington Hunter, I had the same problem with my 270 and any style of winchester factory ammo. I was getting 10" groups at 100yds with the winchester supreme failsafe's. I too blamed it on the scope, so I bought a new scope and had the same result. Went and bought a box of Fed Premium nosler partitions and the groups went to around an inch, and that was just leaning across the hood of my truck. I would go with the regular nosler partition bullets but they are so expensive and I hate the soft lead tips deforming from loading and unloading. I thought I would try the moly coated golds because they will remain perfect no matter how many times they are loaded. I'm looking forward to hearing what the chrony says about your loads!
Thanks for the info guys
They make a protected point partition,and that is what I use
If you want an accurate factory load for your 270, try the cheap Winchesters with either the 130 or 150 grain Power Point bullet. My rifle likes the 150 better, but both shoot acceptably good. The 130 will go into about a 1 inch group, and the 150's about 3/4 inch, at 100 yards. That's as good as my handloads with the Nosler BT's. I just prefer to use my own loads for hunting because I get more satisfaction by killing game with a cartridge I loaded myself. Plus, like you, I wanted a bullet that doesn't get deformed from recoil while in the magazine. I thought the BT's with the platic tip was the answer to that problem, but guess what? The plastic tips flatten out too...not very much, but just enough so it's not a nice sharp point. I'm thinking of trying those North Fork bullets for elk, and maybe even for mule deer. I shot an antelope at 300 yards this last year with a 150 grain Nosler BT, behind the shoulder, hitting only a rib, and the bullet totally disintegrated and did not exit. It dropped that antelope on the spot, but I'd like to have more penetration for bigger game.