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5 Outa 6........ Aint Bad...:)

Mountain Boomer

New member
Dec 10, 2000
Yipeeeeeee....:D 5 out of 6 baits had been hit last weekend. Two of them had been hit hard. The bears had wore trails out into them and scat was everywhere. A friend of mine walked into one of them and spooked two bears off of it. I wasn't with him so I didn't get any pictures of the bears. He said they ran up a tree. One of them was a chocolate and the other was jet black. I took some pictures of a few deer and a couple of the barrels. I will try to post them in the next day or two. The cable that we used to attach the barrels to the trees is trying to rip out the back of the barrels. Other than that they are working good. We are going to have to come up with some type of grommets. Any advice would be help full.