405 Winchester


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Feb 3, 2018
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Randi and Squirrel, When I said ballistics it was all about drop (or rise as the case may be). One as to know the drop tables really well. But with the sorts of sights I use (tang sights), you simply dial in the sight setting you need for the distance and all is good. So, drop isn't such a big deal as long as you are confident with the distance. And that's the tricky part. With practice I can get really good at distance estimation out to 300 yds. Usually within 5 yards of actual. I have learned to compensate for tricky illusions like shooting across a valley or over a very low rise, etc. But to do that, I spend a lot of time walking around campus and bird hunting practicing on fence posts, park benches, and stop signs with a laser range finder to check my work. Once distances exceed 300 yds, however, no amount of practice seems to help and my error margin shoots up monstrously. I don't know why, but it does. And being wrong by just 10 yds at 300 is really bad.

I hate range finders for actual hunting. I think they should be flat out illegal for hunting (Now that will be unpopular). That said, I often do not get the time to really practice like I should. I need to spend more time estimating ranges than I need at the rifle range with my hunting rifles to be as good at estimation as I really know i can be. So.... Hypocrite that I am, I often take a range finder. This really bugs me. Out to 200 and a bit, I'm good w/o it but beyond that, not so much without the practice.

With a range finder and manageable winds, I don't worry much about accuracy out well past 400, but the problem I have with those sorts of ranges is that the bullet is in the air so long that I can't really be sure with what the animal is going to do between the time I pull the trigger and when the bullet arrives. In addition, I make a distinction between hunting and just shooting (let's not open that can o' worms here).

Anyway, I would wager than all of you could easily learn to shoot a .45-70 accurately to 300 yds and become very competent with it. It's not a really big trick. Just a matter of building confidence.


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Dec 26, 2018
This project has moved in a different direction. I made sure he knew things like i.e.: the joules produced from a 45/70 would not allow him to hunt DG in some countries. Anyway we have moved from a 405, to a 45/70, to a Turnbull Win 1886 50-110

Does anyone here have one of these animals, either a Turnbull or original and if so pro's and cons please. This would be for DG in Africa and I am sure it will be a one bullet weight. rifle, so the breadth and availability of ammo is not a negative, in this case.

thank you