400-pounders are for sissies!


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Aug 22, 2001
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The first specimen from NJ's new black bear hunt is being reported as weighing 600 pounds.
So much for Moosie's mythical 400-pound monster, I guess.
Maybe you need to re-read what I write ... I always say that "AROUND HERE" there is no Fuggin 400 # bears. I'll call BS on the 300#ers too. It's a Lie and Bullchit. There might be a few that reach that but it's WAY WAY rare. Everyone and their anti Sister keeps saying they see 300-400# bears every time they go out. Most of the Guys that never put a bullet into one. they just "KNOW" It's the Same Dumb CHTS that say they see 350 clas bulls every year. I'm just calling BS on it.

There has been many-a 80# bear that have hit the ground with people thinking they were 200-250#.

Northern Idaho and some other states definately have them. I'm sure there are 800# Blackbears in Pensylvania oof the dumps... I'm guessing NJ probably has some too. I don't hunt there....

Here, It's BS. Anyone want to disagree ? GATO, whats your thoughts....

OK, I'll go drink a glass of water now..


Moosie, please note the
in my post above. Let me repeat it again here for you...
And I'll throw in a
for good measure. Forget the water, go have a milkshake!
Wrong day...... Wrong Responce... I'll blame it on work

I'm OK NOW BUD....
I think I'm heading out for that Milkshake

BTW, is there a picture to go along with that post ? And, Was it closed prior to this year, I didn't folow the Politics on it. THANX man !!!
It's my understanding that they had hunts up until the late 50's, then discontinued it because the population "dwindled." Now they've come back and are eating out of garbage cans and driving their ATV's through the McD's pickup window.

I saw another report that only put the weight at 500 lbs., so it's already ground-shrinking.
A couple of hound guys I know killed a bear here in Utah a couple of weeks ago. It was real late in the year and they cut the boars track in the snow.

The bear weighed 510 lbs on certified scales. However, the taxidermist said it had 4.5" of fat all over it's back and rear end. So this bear was 510 lbs just going into hibernation but no way the bear weighed 500 lbs during the summer. It was a big bear however, an old boar.

Bears weight can vary depending on time of year, availability of food and diet... That's why the real indicator is the skull.

Forget the weight, tell me what the bears skull measured and then I'll Oooh and Aaaah.

Bear hunting in New Jersey? I don't know my geography and I don't get out much, but last I checked New Jersey was a city!!! My cousin lived in Jersey and complained about traffic jams, not bear problems.
Well, Dawg, it may be populated to the point that it LOOKS like one big city, but I assure you that New Jersey is an entire (small) state, just across the bay from New York (both the city and the state).
Judge allows N.J. bear hunt into rec area

By Krista Larson
Associated Press — Dec. 9, 2003

TRENTON, N.J. — A judge on Tuesday, Dec. 9, lifted an order that had closed a sprawling national recreation area to bear hunters, as the state's first open season on the animals in more than three decades went into its second day.

On Monday, the first day of the new bear season, hunters bagged 61 bears, the largest weighing 498 pounds, the state Department of Environmental Protection said.

Officials hope the hunt will reduce the state's population of an estimated 3,200 bears by about 500 to stem the rising tide of complaints about the animals breaking into suburban homes, raiding trash cans, killing livestock and wandering into traffic.

U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton lifted a temporary restraining order that had kept hunters out of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Walton, in Washington, had issued the order Friday in response to a complaint filed by environmentalists opposed to the hunt in the preserve, which covers nearly 70,000 acres along the Delaware River.

"We think this is a horrible decision, and the very small population of bears in the Delaware Water Gap park are going to be placed in jeopardy this week," said Michael Markarian, president of the Fund for Animals, one of the groups that had sought the restraining order. They had argued the National Park Service should have conducted an environmental assessment before allowing bear hunting there.

Opponents of the hunt elsewhere in New Jersey chanted "Stop the slaughter, save the bears" Monday as they held a rally near a weigh station at Wawayanda State Park. They also took to the woods with video cameras to monitor the hunt.

The state opened up 1 million acres for the hunt and issued some 5,200 permits.

Bears were hunted annually in New Jersey from 1958 to 1970, when hunting was suspended because their numbers dwindled to about 100.

Black bears have killed eight people over the past three years in North America. No one has been killed in New Jersey, but a homeowner was mauled by a bear in May when he went to the aid of his dog.

Lynda Smith, director of the Bear Education and Resource Group, said her group has tried to teach northwestern New Jersey residents how to avoid close encounters with bears by keeping garbage can lids on tight and not leaving pet food outside.

"One week of bear hunting, nothing's going to be solved," Smith said. "Come spring, the bears will still be eating our garbage and still be walking through our back yards."

Harry McDole bagged what conservation officers said was the first bear of the season just before 8 a.m. Monday, a 160-pound female. McDole, 63, of Sussex Borough, said he had killed three bears in Canada on previous hunting trips.

"I've waited 33 years to shoot one in New Jersey," Dole said. He said he planned to have "a rug or something" made from the pelt and eat the meat.


I enjoyed your posts and pics so much over at RT that I had to come check out your site....Nice!

We do have some big bears here in PA. And the weights are known because it is mandatory that we take them in whole (but gutted)....With BIG bears this is a real PAIN....to a check station and have them registered. Our season is only 3 days long. No baiting is allowed. The best way to get them is by putting drives through steep, thick, & nasty cover or overgrown clear cuts. It is the tougest physical hunting that I've done next to hunting elk above 11,000'. We get 2-6 bears a year by hunting this way. Our biggest so far is one that went 620 pounds. These are montain bears..not the Pocano dumpster hounds that you hear about.

During this years hunt we took 3 bears in as many days. The biggest one was this blockheaded brute that weighed just over 400 pounds. The smaller bear was just over 200 pounds. Here is a picture of me with the 200 and 400 pounder.


Three bears did come out of here this year that went over 800 pounds. I think the biggest one was 867 pounds
And it was living in a remote swamp in North Eastern PA. I am sure those boys had fun getting that one out!

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Notice on my Posts I'll always Bring up PA for big bears.. Ya always hear of toads coming from that Neck of the woods..

I always Have a HArd time packing out a 80# bear
So a Big one I''d be lost

If you're really bored, there is alot of posts about bears and Topics on them here.. Also A welcome post in this section ya Bypassed over

Welcome aboard mate, Hope to hear a Few more Bear stories from you. Or any type of hunting stories Actually
Here is a picture of the big one on the scales at the check station.


I know that the rest of the country judges the true trophy status of bears by the skull,but here in PA it is ALL about weight. I guess it is a regional thing. VERY few of these big monsters ever get measured...and I am sure many would make the books if they were.

I have been trying to get pictures of at least one of the 800 pounders that were taken this year but to date have had no luck.

I have some more cool bear pictures that I will have to scan in so I can post them. Santa brought me a new Olympus digital camera so it wil be easier for me to post pictures of future hunts!

While we only have a 3 day season, bear hunting is one of my favorite hunts here in my home state. Mostly because it is a pro-active type of hunting. You have to up and get them. If you tried to "sit on post" in any old bear country, you could do that for 30 or 40 years and never even see a bear! We do not like those odds so we go after them with 12-14 guys. Most hunters like to be posters .....I prefer to be a driver. I've shot 2 while being a driver but you have to be ready to get the shot off quick.....they will not sit around and pose for you!
That is why my bear gun is a Remington 7600 in 35 whelen (another regional thing....most guys outside of PA do not even know what this gun is LOL). Nothing I've hit with it has gone more than 10 yards. And all 5 deer I've shot with it have dropped where they stood.

I REALLY wish they would give us an archery season for bears...even if it were just a week long. I am seeing more and more bears while archery hunting deer. It would be nice to be able to get a crack at one!
Nice pic. That bear is a HOG!!!!!! A 3 day season is not very long. Why such a short season? I thought Pa. had a pretty healthy bear population.
We do have a heathy population...of both bears AND hunters. The latter is the problem. If the season were to long I think thay would harvest more bears than they want. As it stands, in the 3 day season we normally take about 2200 bears statewide +/- a few. But with the given season the bear population is still growing. Because of this they have exteneded the season to run concurrent with the firearm deer season in the North East.......home of the 700 & 800 pounders
But I live in the South Western part of the state and have yet to hunt out there.
Just for a sense of scale I had my buddy pose with the 400 pounder. I have no idea how too measure a bears skull for score but here is what his head..and teeth! looked like

Here is what the paws look like on an honest 400 pounder. Notice the thickness in the foreleg. His biceps were HUGE. This was one powerful bear!

This bear was 6" 7" long from his nose to his tail. He was a real brute. It took 8 of us more than 2 hours to drag him up the mountain side to an area where we could get a truck. It was a TOUGH drag, push, pull, fall, slip!! If we did not get him officially weighed I'd have sworn he was a 600 pounder minimum LOL.

If I run across pictures of the 800+ pounders I will be sure to post them.

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Those pics are great. It really shows the mass with your buddy with them like that. Bet you had fun slipping, dragging, falling, pushing him out.

As you can see, it is a little biger than the one I got.


And the rough time I had getting it out surely was no piece of cake.

As you can tell by the pic, I had on my tracking shoes to be totally quiet.

Here are some pics just prior to taking her.