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300 Gr. SST or XTP Mag for elk?

Fire Hawk

New member
Apr 18, 2003
I have shot a lot with the SST in 300 grain this year and am very pleased with its accuracy and flat trajectory. I shot all the way through an approximately 10" thick Aspen tree trunk that had fallen over near our deer camp. I never found that bullet. Seems to have plenty of penetration capability. But....... it is a polycarbonate tip bullet. I have this thing with ballistic tip bullets and wonder whether or not this bullet was designed to handle animals as large as an elk.

I know the XTP mags shoot well too. Should I be looking at those instead? Are they tougher than the SST bullets? Anyone out there shoot an elk with an 300 grain SST bullet yet? Please help!


Elk Turd

New member
Feb 15, 2001
Boise, ID, USA

Is a 300 Grain bullet good enough for elk??? :)

Yep! I shoot a 180 grain InterBond from my 300 win mag for big game and that has plenty of knockdown power. As far as tougher bullets, any bonded or A-Frame bullet is the way to go.

Opinions on bullets is like opinions on ice cream flavors, everyone has their favorite and it works fine for them!

My first elk I shot was with a 150 grain 7 mm mag bullet at 30 yards. Bullet didn't stay together, but killed the elk!

Good luck hunting!