3 more days...

They second the bell rings during 7th period on thursday, I am out the door with 2 of my buddies. We are driving 30 miles to our hunting spot, and spending the whole weekend spotting and stalking lions and bears.
I finish my job on Wednesday and my next house is scheduled on monday so I will be getting my bait out on Thursday. I have 2 bait sites to work on so might take me a few days.
Good luck all.
SuperSider, Got my fiorst load of BAit today... I'll take a Picture of Our baits Sunday When we head for the Hills :D :D

O.O. 10-4 I'll be here bud... Take a Good picture. Looking foward to seeing your BRUIT !!!!!
I am going to take th4e digital camera of the bait sites also. Got grease the other day about 20 gallons of it so I am ready to go. How do the hills look up where you are baiting Moosie? They cleared out enough to get in?
Good luck guys.
I'm headed out tommorow!
I finally get to hunt some real bruins ,instead of those dink dogs in AZ! :rolleyes: I hope the wheather aint as bad as they say it is going to be, I'll be about 9 miles in!! I found this little sweet spot that as of last weekend nobody has been in yet!! :D Should be a killer spot for bones to!! This guy I know found a bone that scored 187 in there a few years ago!! Game on boys!!!
Beardown, you going up in your new home area, or traveling to some other part of the state. It seemed like the bears came out early this year, i saw some tracks in late march.
Actually I'm just going right off the flathead res. Where I'm going is by the rattlesnake wilderness area. Its a pretty cool area and last week it looked like things were blooming really good. I did'nt get to look around because when I got out to go hike I heard air comming out of my tire, thats about the same time I remebered what I was forgetting, my damn spare! :eek: :eek: So I had to immediately hall butt back to town, after that I said screw it since I had to come all the way back home......This wheather is probably going to screw things up because where I really want to go is about a 9 mile hike in and with this rain it could be a really soaking expereince!
Heading up in about 6 hrs and have a 4 hr drive after that so I am to jacked to go to bed. Hunting season is finally here.
Good luck everyone and have a safe trip.
How do the hills look up where you are baiting Moosie? They cleared out enough to get in?
I'm guesing they are Well melted. We're hitting some lower elevations. HAven't been up though yet. Sunday we're heading up with grub so I dang hope so :D :D
I just got back from baiting and only baited one site a new site actually. My regular bait site had some guys walking in on foot so I will go back in Tomorrow or Sunday. The hills where almost cleared of snow and I got way back in there on my new site. Actualy where I wanted to go. Last year I couldnt get in there till May 15th. Glad to have it cleared out.
Good luck all.
Here are 3 pics I took of my bait site so you can see no snow. I am about a mile off the road and 800 yds of a trail.


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