28 day's tell bowseason


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Jan 2, 2004
gods country, wy
who here is counting down the days?
I didn't draw the elk tag i wonted but i'm heading to a general area and am getting awfull ancy.
hoping for big muley and bull hunt from home for deer but have to go somwhere else for elk.
Sounds like someone is getting a little anxious. Don't do the archery, but on the 26th of Sept. I will be in the hills for rifle season. ;)
29 days and a wake up for me, then 16 hours of windshield time before I'm in elk country, with a tag in my pocket.
Shoot hunting antelope first on the 15th for 2 weeks till elk opens. I put out a blind on a water hole Sunday so will do that first. Archery on antelope and elk and mule deer.
17 morning left for ol' Marv and then its time to chase bears and blacktails with my bow :D :D

...still have till the third week of October before my muley rifle zone but ducks, geese, and hogs will fill the gap nicely
Ohhhhhhhh Baby
i saw 6 bucks in my honey hole this morning one shooter and a freak with wierd drop rack on one side that needs culled he looks way old like a sway back mule.
i also saw 30 head of cows and calves but that doesn't do me any good because g&f forgot to draw my name.
25 more days tell bowseason,oh boy, oh boy,oh boy
i feel like a kid waiting for cristmas.
i also found a huge buck at least 32" in another area if i can obtain permition i'll try him but he wont score real high due to being a three point but he has the mass and width to be a shooter
Only 18 days until me and the ponies rendezvous with my partner Acon in the Gila, NM for a bout with sticks and strings and monster bulls for a week and a half.......morning bulgles.....horny bulls.....cool fall nights and anxious hunters......is this the meaning of fall or what?????

Good luck all.....
I drew the same unit as Acon. Should be a blast.
Are you gun hunting or bow hunting? Not having the premier tag you do, my goal is to perforate a bull about half the size of the one you will be dragging.

I have to be careful though......I need to not use more than two of my four arrows because I'll need thr other two for my carribou hunt 3 weeks after I get back from New Mexico ;)
Good luck, Mark and Dan! And everyone else, too. I will be in New Mexico on October 6th-15th for elk with a muzzleloader. The season is actually the 9th-13th, but it's best to have a little leeway!
We'll miss you Cali.....we'll be long gone before the black powder starts to burn...but may it burn hot and true for ya!

I started to make one of those smart-assed Kalifornia jokes until I remembered I would be guiding one of those Kali-crazys myself in a few weeks :D
DS.... Good seeing you posting again bud. You had DAM well take pictures of the Bulls you shoot and I want a Story with Pictures that you're famouse for posting !!!!! Good luck to you and A-con !!!

To the Rest of ya, Good luck !!! Take lots of Pictures and Take them with Smiles on your Face, No matter what you shoot, even if it's Nothing ;)
My self guided Colordao archery elk hunt starts September 3rd & runs through the 12th. I heading into the Weminuche Wilderness again. I can't get enough of the high country there
Nothing like hunting elk above 11,000' LOL :D What a great way to start off the hunting season. Hopefully I get another one down & have some pics & a story to share. :D
i'm going after deer the first of september then after elk friday threw monday the first weekend then back after deer from home the rest of bowseason.
i go back elk hunting with a rifle the 15th of october if we dont fill with our bow.
seen the elk stripping velvet here so i feel the ruts coming early. should be a good bowhunt.
we have three tags to fill so we will probely be back. never can tell though we have filled them fast before and not.
i wish i was there now!
cmiddleton,..............I feel your pain...........9 and a wake up for me before I perforate a 330 class bull :eek:

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