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Nov 14, 2002
While ya'll enjoy the thrill of hunting the elusive Black Bear, here in Louisiana I will be running a gopher trap line in my front yard! And understand this: I AM NOT JEALOUS!, I AM NOT JEALOUS! I AM NOT JE...........................
How much snow is in the hills around there yet Moosie? It is melting fast over here but still plenty to deal with. The season don't start over here until May.
WAY too much. Down here in the Valley we haven't seen snow for ever, And the Front side (South faceing) hills that I look into every day I can See the line rising daily. That being said, there are some N facing bends in the roads that even 2 weeks after the Opener you need to have a Wench to access... I'll be in the Hills Sunday with a Camera. I'll report back then.

Draftstud, WHOoooohh , For a min there I almost thought you were Jealous...
The snowpack is melting way to fast, faster then whats needed to maintain a good run off..... places like the owhyees was 146% of normal snowpack this winter but as of yesterday its only 98% of normal snowpack, which means its warmed up so fast most the run-off is being absorbed into the atmosphere or soaked into the ground, its not good. Places in the Boise drainage were well over 100 % of normal snowpack but theres places right now that are struggling to be 80% of normal for this time of yr. Snows going fast, on the upside I geuss bear season you will be able to get around earlier up on the mnt, but downside is alot of people including me, depend on that run-off to fill the reservoirs for irrigation water, cause we have been in a drought the last couple yrs and almost can;t afford another one.
Moosie are you sure you don't need a "winch" to access? If you really meant wench, what does she look like? If you have a bunch of wenches along when you go spring bear hunting no wonder you enjoy it so much. :D
LOL BigSky, What I mean And What I type are Usually 2 deifferent things.. I'll give you another Example... "I think Big Sky is COOL!!" Uhhh see how that works ;)

Gato, I'm with ya, I hope it slowly comes out the hills. Just from a Floooding standpoint.. Although I make monmey by Washed out bridges and Roadway with FED Funding for Roadway Repairs :D :D
Is the festering pile of bait in the garage stinky yet?

Did you know some people use the garage to park vehicles?
Not Yet T, but this week would be a Good week to do it with Mrs Moosie AWOL... You know I'm guessing I'm not the Only guy with a 3 car Carage that doesn't park in it.. Isn't that normal ?!?! :confused:
Going on a little pack trip this weekend to scout and find sheds, may even pack my fly rod along. I wish we could bait up here it would make things a whole lot easier. I was thinking though is it baiting if I pack a little stove around and cook bacon all day long? ;)
Your right yoteler I do know this first hand. Beardown spent the first thirty years of his life in AZ, I was witness to it many times.........
Az402 and beardown that is to funny. beardown sounds like your getting plenty of loving for all of us. And they say being hung like a Stud ginny pig doesn't have it's advantage's. LOL :D
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