2024 Draw results

Yup, but will you keep deleting shit I’m trying to respond to?
Haha - no - what I deleted was something I think we may agree on . People post surveys of how NR are killing 57% of bucks in region 7 but same people say FWP survey system is worthless . So which is it ?
Im so glad to feel appreciated as a NR. I did get my Bug Game tag.
Let me help the huge price tag you paid to hunt isn’t going to help wildlife going forward. This will be the best year you ever see. Enjoy it!
Lots of elk points getting burned up! 20 years of points just vanished for me. Finally hunting a LE unit. It's gonna feel weird being out of my normal stomping grounds. Excited to say the least.
Anyone hunt CO unit 20 elk in the late dec or Jan season? how many points were needed?