2005 Expo Hall of Fame Nominations are now open.

Bruce A. Kennedy

New member
Aug 3, 2003
The 2005 Expo Hall of Fame Nominations are now open. You can nominate who you wish. We won't have an on line ballot like last year. We have a committee for each hall of fame, well, you can see the rules on the pages.

There will be 5 committee members for each one. We need one more for the predators; 2 more for the western hound men, and 4 more for the coon hunters. If you would like to be on a committee, let me know. We always need helpers.

Since these are National Hall of Fames, we must include the deep south and back east coon hunters. After all, if it wasn't for them, most of you would not enjoy what you do today. Again, all of that is explained on the nomination pages.

For 2005 I am working on a deal to have beautiful western style trophy buckles made rather than the plaques. With donations from people and the buddy hunts, we might even have money left over for road expenses for the Hall of Fame Winners.

Take care.