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2004 ND Rifle Goat


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Jan 12, 2004
Guys...I've been on a roll, Ehh ??!!

Well, I would like to say this outing was a dream come true, but it wasn't......if it wasn't for the slob hunters, it could have been.....I don't remember being involved in such a horrible opener, so I made the best of it....

Our opener began at noon, but 10:00am I had located my buck with his I parked up on a distant hill and watched and waited till the 2 hours passed. With about 5 minutes till "the gun would go off", the herd I was watching had bedded on a hillside.......I got geared up and waited for the final minutes till noon.........

I made a quick sneak around to the north side of them (wind was from W...I was good to go)...I had a final 100 yard dash to make through a ditch......the final 50 yards I hand/knee'd it.....belly crawled up to the edge....poked my head up, and there he was standing broadside at between 175-200 yards....perfect!

I unfolded my bipod and just as I was gonna easy my rifle up, here comes an ol' suburban rumbling down a section line...heading right in my direction.....I hurried to get into postion, cause I knew what was gonna take place, but I never got a shot off........they spotted the herd which was closer to them now, and two guys busted out of the doors (no orange on either)......and the Antelope were making like Top Fuelers...they were gone.....the idiots in the "Burban" couldn't even do road hunting right.....of course they wheeled back and made an effort to cut the goats off as they were burning the prairie south......

I was fuming.....I headed back to my truck, with full intentions of running into these morons and educate them a little......I never got a chance. :mad:

So my weeks of planning and scouting went right out the window......and unlike in many previous years, there were vehicles dotting the skyline everywhere.....goats running in every was total mayhem....I had all but given idea what the heck to i parked up on my same hill and grabbed my Nikon and just started spotting...........

By 1:30 all of the slobs must have gotten hungry from all that hard driven they were putting themselves through, and headed into town.....the place settled down and was peaceful again............finally in the a half-section stubble field, I spotted a small was a good buck and 9 head of does......they were feeding in the stubble, the middle of no where with nothing but open road hunters were gonna get this guy, and they were all "out to lunch" was now or possibly never

I scouted the field for any low spots or terrain was nearly flat in all directions, but there was a small roll in the terrain on the north end, that I thought may offer me enough of a blind spot to stalk hunched over into I watched a little longer I noticed they were actually feeding a little closer to that rolling hill....I headed over to that northern side of the field, and things looked good.....

I started the 800 yards hunched over for about half of the distance until I start heading up the gradually increasing rolling hill....I hand over kneed it for the next 200 or so yards....I hated this next, but if I wanted a goat it was gonna have to be this way......I belly crawled the next 150 yards...having no clue if they were still even there :confused:

I finally managed to start edging up to the top of that had been well over an hour on my belly, but I slowly poked my head up and they were still there, but the buck was facing me, feeding.....I grabbed my rangefinder.....they ranged anywhere from 297-309 yards !!! Perfect for my 25-06 which was sighted in for 250... :cool:

As I creaped into better position, I looked back up and he had bedded down, argggh !!! I was in was now just a waiting game..............look and wait....look and wait.....45 minutes passed as I lay in the stubble.......37 degrees and wind howling at 25-30 MPH....I was comfortable though in my surplus jacket...
And a couple granola bars I packed with, were nummy during my wait.....

Just when I was entertaining thought of a possible nap, I looked and he was up !!......I quickly ranged him.....303 yards.....slipped my Harris bipod open and propped my rifle to the ready................he was walking slowly broadside........I got up to a seated position and centered him my scope........the does spotted me, and he stopped broadside to see what they were looking at..........I put the crosshairs on the upper point of his shoulder and squeezed...............

KAFWOOOOOOM.......the buck takes off running, and I think " the heck did I miss ??!!..." But it is quickly evident as he slows that I DIDN'T miss, but hit my mark perfectly.....he made it about 60 yards and he was down...............closer inspection revealed that I took out both shoulders perfectly, I actually don't know how he managed to run.....tough sucker!

So I tip my hats to the road hunters....good luck filling that tag you morons.....thanks to your lunch break, mine is !!

15" horns and set out wide......and one of the biggest pronghorns I've ever seen, body wise....he was built like a barrel, and a neck like a tree trunk, definitely headed for the wall.....

Originally posted by ElkGunner:
.....Was he eating in a Strawberry patch???
Now that is funny... :D ...I didn't have any water with (or even ice for that matter).....I tried to clean up the blood as best I could with an old shirt, but that stain around his mouth was not gonna be I quit fighting it, and just decided to get the pics done..... ;)
My trusty Rem. 25-06......117 gr positive expansion points.. :cool:

Probably the best all-a-round caliber for here in the flat lands....deer, goats, varmints....nothing is safe :D
You're having quite a year- great photos as well.
Thanks for sharing the sage burner and it goes to show ya what a little thought and WALKING will do!
Thanks guys for all of the compliments once know I feel somewhat bad for holding a grudge against people who probably have known no different cause it's probably the way they were raised ?? :( Or else they is just plain lazy)....but it kinda felt good to rub there noses in it, when they started popping back up as I was finishing up cleaning my kill.... :D

I still hope in the back of head, that everyone out there still has a good season.....I just hope they have to work for it, so they appreciate it a little more...

Great looking ND goat!!

If you remember me, I'm Greg Busch. I met you when we were both glassing the goats West of Heart Butte in September. I have seen the pics of your whitetail and archery goat as well. Very nice!
Hey Greg.....I was just looking up your profile to get message you......that bow goat came from down in that area, in fact the big fella was chasing him all that morning......

How's you season been going.....let's see some posts and hear some stories....
Great looking goat 'rut man and I am more then a tad bit envious. I was hoping to get drawn this year but guess not enough time has went by since 2001 so I will have to do some more waiting.

Again, congrats on the nice animal.
Way to go rut. Fine animal and story. I hope to have one on the ground next weekend. Some of the hunting around here is similar to what you saw. I am planning on packing in an area that is unroaded and I hope it pays off. I have never killed an antelope, so just about any buck will do to get my foot in the door. Best of luck with the remainder of your season.