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2004 Elk Hunting season


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Apr 6, 2002
middle ga
Gentelmen and Ladies
I am planning a hunting trip out west to one of the states that offer Elk hunting.
Who is the best outfitter, or should I just go it alone, or if you are a guide and would consider my business please contact me.
Any info you may have will be greatly appreciated, [email protected]
What state are you looking at to hunt elk in and are you going to use a bow or a rifel. there is alot of good hunting in alot of diff. states for elk. give me a little more info. and i'll try to help you out.
I am not sure which state to hunt in, wyo, utah, montana, new mexico. What would be your suggestions?
Hunting with rifles is what we are going to do.
Thanks for your help.
i would suggest a do it yourself hunt in idahohs frank churck wilderness, or oregons Eagle cap wilderness. if you swwant to scout out here, id be happy tto take you.
Dave, Good talking to ya on the Phone. We'll get you in contact with a Few outfitters. Heck, If you're nice to me maybe We'll work out a deal. I'm surether eis a trophy Spike around here somewere
Keep checking back , Most guys that are outfitters are doing jsut that right now, Out Shmoozing you guys using them

You have time to decide so don't jump on the first offer. We'll get you many to choose from. Here is the Deal on Hunting Elk. Almost Every state is a Draw for Elk but Idaho (that I know of for non-res).You can DAM well forget New Mexico, and AZ. the Odds BLOW I think. Bulls they have though. Montana has a Guarenteed Elk tag but you have to buy a Outfitters tag. If you hunt Montana you'll probaably need one though. Although I've heard alot of those areas depend on the weather ?

Idaho All the Wolves ate all the elk
(Or at least everyone that doesn't see them say thats it, I think the #'s are on the rise, But I leave the truck too... so You do the math).

Colorado is Great if you like Hunting with 10,000 other guys, but I guess it's that were anywere that you don't leave the roads.

Well, I'm done Babbling, I will post a few Pictures of what it looks like here so you understand the importance of being in shape.

HERE for some Big game pictures from this year. HEre was one of the Tougher days :


I have never met the Mr. Moosie gentleman, but I assure you, there are no Elk left in Idaho. The Wolves ate every last one of them, bigger than a 4x4.

My take on the Western states, is that Idaho is a good place for Do It Yourself, but you won't find a Trophy. Idaho is a lousy place for a guided hunt, as all the land is Public Land, and you have private guys who will be out walking/hunting you.

The Colorado/New Mexico have better Outfitted hunts. More private land.

And then, of course, everybody knows Montana and Wyoming have the Biggest Elk, the most public land, the prettiest waitresses, the cheapest outfitters, and the easiest tags to get.
Thanks Moosie

Good to talk to you too. Looks like my girlfriend is in agreeing with me on hunting elk.
Ill contact you through email.
Thanks for everyones responses.
Thanks Nut.
Cody got him a nice deer, they aint that big down here.
Ill be up for Christmas might be able to swing by if the schedule isnt to busy.

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