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2004 Chukar forecast

T Bone

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Jan 8, 2001
Eastern Idaho
Its looking like another banner year!

Saw a brood of 5 chicks trying to keep up their mom. We are in a drought, but the range where I hunt is in very good condition so far! The fact that its fenced off from BLM grazing helps very much.

Hopefully fire season will be friendly.
I saw and heard multiple broods this past weekend while fishing a bass tourney at Brownlee Res. on the Idaho and Oregon sides.
I have heard a few but so far I have not seen any. The conditions seem real good this year. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Ron
I thought it was a little too cold for maximum hatch survival the first two weeks in June-----that's what I base my predictions on. At least we didn't have much rain then, that should help. We never know for sure until enough hunting reports come in-----usually by Oct 5th or 10th, so I don't worry too much about all the hunter's speculation.

I'll be out camping in some high elevation chukar country next weekend and will keep my eyes and ears open. By "high elevation" I mean about the highest elevation I usually find chukars in----right up by the juniper tree line. I'll be camping in the only place I consistently find chukars in the junipers. It makes for some pretty interesting hunting when they are in the junipers!
I went out with some Chukar Foundation folks this weekend to look at guzzlers. We found one bunch that had 4 adults and about 35 young 'uns! They say they are seeing lots of birds in NW UT and that broods of 10+ aren't all that rare this year! Looks like I need to try this chukar thing!
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