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2003 Idaho Deer season shortened?


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Aug 22, 2002
Wenatchee, WA
I have planned a combo deer/elk hunt in Idaho this year, based on last years seasons. But, I have heard rumors that the south-east Idaho seasons have been cut back to Oct 5-15 (or thereabouts). The proclamations aren't out yet, but can anyone confirm that the commission has decided on this.
I haven't heard Kidney/... I get weekly reports from the Meetings but HAven't read any the last couple of weeks.. I will see The last Comisioner for this area "Don Clowers" next Tuesday.. I'll get the Skinny for ya..
Moosie, their concern seems to be low buck:doe ratios. I don't feel cutting back on the season length will help. It was my experience when working check stations, that the vast majority of deer are killed the first week. Chopping the last week or two off the season will just condense hunters but not reduce overall mortality. And of course on a selfish note: it gives me less opportunity. If they reduce the season I can't hunt both species at once in MY unit. I can only hunt one week in Idaho, so I will have to choose a species. At some point it's not going to be worth spending a grand and driving a day each way. TAKE CARE OF ME, DUDE!
It looks they agreed to shorten the seasons just in the upper snake river region. The south-east will not be cut as sharply. MY HUNT IS SALVAGED!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you did this for me, Oscar!!!