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Jan 2, 2004
gods country, wy
i'm going on my first calling contest next weekend and am looking for some secrets whats everyones best ways to hunt whenyou cant pick the days or moon or weather?
the contest will run the week of a full moon which isn't the best night calling and i still can't call the weather i'm hoping for a storm to move threw but who knows i guess i'm not worried about the other callers just hunting bad wind and brite nights do people have any tricks to deal with bad conditions?
i've been calling scence i was a kid and have lots of tricks but generally if the wind is howling i don't hunt and hunt at night with no moon for coyotes the brighter the night the less i get
i would love to win this thing just so some more ranchers will here my name and maybe open some gates
i know i can hold my own with other callers but the weather and moon are what i worry about.
any tricks will help
Welcome to Huntalk C.Middleton. The best advice I can give is to use your time wisely. Make as many stands as possible. Goodluck and let us know how you do.

are you using electric calls or mouth blown calls. If I am using my electric call I start out with my coyote locator call. If I get a responce depending how far awhile the are I will move on them if possible (playing the wind) I then throw in my baby cottontail rabbit for about 5-10 min. I then wait 5 min and then throw in my fox and rabbit fight, I have yet to call in a fox , but it sure works an the yotes. My mouth calls are a cotton tail and rodent call I have more luck with my electric call. Another good call is a coyote killing a sheep or distressed housecat or the yellow jackhammer. I hope these will help. Goodluck and good Hunting
i have all those and tons of mouth calls i here the yote are killing deer and i do a good deer in distress with a grunt tube but i will be trying everythingi use decoys to help some and have a turkey a fox two rabbit doves and a 3-d deer i'm taking every thing i have and going after some packs we have located.
cmiddleton, take it from an old competition hunter. In order to place high, you must find an area that holds alot of critters, as the old saying goes location...location...location. Leave all that trick stuff home, just bring what you really need, a caller with extra tapes, your rifle or shotgun and ammo. Make short stands maybe 10 to 12 minutes then move on, don't go far from your truck or car, maybe a 100 yards. The more stands you make the better your odds of calling more animals, Good luck

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