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    Moving to Wyoming

    Well Seasons are over... Didn't get to hunt in Wyoming.:( Didn't get back to Washington ta hunt either.:( :( First time in close ta 30 years all I got done was some scouting.:( :( :( Know where I'll be hunting Antelope (if I get a tag). Know where I'll be putting in for Deer and Elk draw...
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    Idaho unit 10 and 12

    Know your asking bout Unit 10. Just sending info I have on a nearby unit. I hunted the 10A 'B' Tag, season before last. Lots of small bulls and road hunters & ATVs. You'll have to work hard, (a boat would be good) ta get a big one. Hunting pressure I would categorize as lite. Wouldn't rule...
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    Moving to Wyoming

    Wyoming Wife an I both landed good jobs out here, we're loven it. These guys in Wyoming got a zoo for huntin big game. I'm seeing Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, even a few moose most every day. Gotta Love It!!! Thanks Tony Good luck on the WA hunts! Might be back this fall to hunt them Roosevelts...
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    Moving to Wyoming

    Wife and I landed jobs in the Green River/Rock Springs area. I'm headed over for work Friday or Saturday, back to WA for a quick trip in late June to move the wife and house holds over. Going to have to wait a year to get my resident status, but looking forward to hunting them Rocky Mountain...
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    Lost a Family member

    Sorry to here of your loss Nut. He'll be missed by that big pond, with all the ducks and the big pointy thing shining in the pool. Seriously, Truly, sorry to here of your loss.:( Loosing a friend/family member is never easy. I share in your loss. WW
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    Were were you...

    I was at work, Naval Subase Bangor. Watching it happen over, and over, and over again on TV. Everyone was stuned, almost no one said anything, just sat and watched. WW
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    Been gone from here for awhile.

    Hey Russ How've ya been? You gettin back over this way again this winter? How's you hunting been? Dean WW
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    It has really gotten Slow in here

    Bar B Que em Add the sause/seasoning just like ya would any other meat. No end to how ta cook em. Love my Elk Bar B Qued ;) Dean WW
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    Been gone from here for awhile.

    Hows everyone doing. Killing some critters. :D Dean WW
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    Idaho Shiras Moose

    Nice Bull Hondo!!! hump :D Congrats Fishhunt Any luck yet? What unit did ya draw in? Helped my bud pac this one out last October. He got him up Thompson near Mt. Spokane. Saw Bulls almost every day we hunted. (Date on Camera was off) If you haven't filled yet, and drew the same unit...
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    7x7 Roosevelt

    Thanks everyone, I'll pass along the congrats. WW
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    7x7 Roosevelt

    My huntin pard brought this guy back to camp on the 16th of Sept. Arrowed him at 33 yds after bugling back an for forth with for a couple of minutes. Got meat in the fridge and late archery to fill my tag. :D WW
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    Idaho Opening Rifle Success !!

    We had three down and back in camp opening day. 2 spikes an a five point. I passed on a 50yd shot at a spike and ended up heading back to WA empty. We ended up with 4 of nine tags filled (added another spike to the total). All but two hunters at least had a chance to fill their tag. First...
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    Washington Muley

    Congrats WH I hunted that Pasayten once, tough country. You get one up there, you earned it. WW
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    It's Raining FINALLY

    Got Rain Finally startin to come down. Got snow in the passes too. Gotta be a good thing for the game too. WW