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    A day at the Beach - A Bay State Deer Tale

    The literal devil
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    California Buck Down

    Love seeing CA posts. People seem to forget that there's some pretty gnarly country here
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    Odocoileus hemionus columbianus

    Nice touching base w/ you at the skinning shed! It was a hot one!
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    Wyoming with 0 points?

    Another note on calling the wardens, people generally love to help kids get on animals. They may be able to give you some landowners' info that will allow you access for that purpose. Or not, but its worth a shot!
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    Wyoming craft beer

    ^ Truth. OEB, Wyoming Whiskey in Kirby (the Wilderness is amazing) and Ten Sleep Brewing are your winners in that area
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    Why? CA hunting licenses over time.

    Given the low numbers of animals, what are your guys' thoughts on reducing the number of tags to one instead of two? Or keep the 2 tag system but cutting the total number of tags in half in the OTC zones? I'm all for getting 2 bucks annually, if the population supports it. However in my...
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    An Ode to Fresh Tracks, Wyoming Whitetails

    We made sure to touch base with them before taking off and gifted some of the venison and a nice bottle of whiskey. Well worth it if you ask me
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    An Ode to Fresh Tracks, Wyoming Whitetails

    Long post alert but trust me, its worth it. In October of 2019, my co-worker Tony and I were talking about hunting and how neither of us had taken a deer yet this season. I hadn’t filled my tag in California’s D3-5 zone, and he had made a trip to Oregon with one of his sons and had missed a...
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    Was 2020 your best hunting year ever?

    For all of its negatives, 2020 was actually pretty good to me! New position at work, wife and I are expecting our first child after a series of bumps in the road and were able to navigate through COVID quarantines w/o any real hiccups. I was able to spend a ton of time in the turkey woods...
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    Deer - lets see em

    Didn't happen quite the way I'd planned it out in my head, but my first muley hit the dirt on Veteran's Day in WY!
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    Deer - lets see em

    You'll get the occasional NV deer that makes a trip into CA in that part of the state. Dude I know guided on that trip, he said it came in at 190 5/8"
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    Deer - lets see em

    LOVE seeing quality CA deer!!!
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    Wyoming success!

    North Carolina?! That's dedication. Congrats on the good looking deer!
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    Deer - lets see em

    not too shabby for a leftover!!
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    CA Archery Deer D3-5 Hunt Report

    good luck and keep us updated! love seeing more and more CA posts

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