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    A little eastern Montana luck

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    Wyoming Bighorn sheep

    a fine looking ram
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    Problem after problem

    look at it this way , at least you are still able to go hunting , and this make a better story than if you shot something the first day
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    Alberta Ram

    nice ram , it looks like he has a bit of character in his nose
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    80 mph wind and 20" snow

    sounds like fun
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    Alaska moose adventure

    a hunt to remember
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    2019 AK Caribou Hunt

    great experience
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    Bulls, hell holes, and empty Camelbaks

    nice pictures to go with your adventure
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    Papa Bear Adventures, Bethel, Alaska DIY Successful Moose Hunt(s)

    looks like you had a good time , were you in a camp or float
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    Grand Slam, Bottom of the 9th, Colorado OTC

    nice hunt
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    Two grizzly attacks yesterday in the Gravelly Range

    there are more bears and people , not suprized they meet more often now than in past years
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    Desert Bighorn - Pic Heavy

    great ram , and a lot of fun
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    Gun weight vs accuracy/confidence

    the weight only matters when you are walking up (or down) mountains for a few hours and you still have a way to go. I would take the 7mm