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    Looking to move to Montana, any suggestions on the best big game hunting spots?

    Will you have to work or are you retired , what other activities are you interested in , so many places to pick from , can't make a bad choice
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    Best time to scout for elk?

    like above best scouting is before your hunt , you learn current info then
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    Looking for Moose hunt for 2020 in Canada

    I also believe a NR alien requires a guide to hunt in canada
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    Ammo manufacturers, does it matter?

    I reload but if I had to buy a box of ammo for hunting I would select the bullet first (eg nosler)and then find it in a federal box of ammo
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    Elk Tag/Hunt Dilemma

    I would go with my friend , to me a going with my friend will be remembered more than me going latter , regardless of what I may get.
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    Elk Hunting the Bob Marshall

    I hunted the 'Bob' a lot, many years ago, so nothing on current conditions. I remember it had many steep areas as I was hiking but would open up where I could glass open areas. It had elk but I never saw a lot ,it may have been me and not the area. It has great views and is worth the hike...
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    Alaska via ship or land???

    I would go the way the wife wants to get there
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    D Day 75th anniversary

    My father and his brothers were in the war but they never talked about it so it must have been painful. I miss them all.
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    Backpack tent footprint

    I also keep any (I use plastic) ground material smaller than the tent
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    2019 SE Alaska Black Bear

    nice story , yes memories
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    Hunting Elk Salmon Units ID, Rifle or Archery.

    I prefer hunting during the rut so this may be archery season , nothing like hearing the bulls , very enjoyable even if you don't get one
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    Idaho won't recognize Record book Ram killed by Tribal Hunter

    only in the news because it scores a lot
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    Wyoming DIY Pronghorn

    just go , you learn as you go
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    A Poor Elk Hunter With A Good Elk Tag

    enjoy the planning and then the hunt , both will be remembered
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    Bear hunting in the rain - Waste of time?

    if you don't go because it is raining that time and chance of seeing a bear are lost , so why not go and enjoy being out there. One day you will not be able to go