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    Bullet flight

    Short answer is no it doesn't. Bullets center of gravity, aerodynamic drag and wind vector dictate the way the bullet points along its flight path.
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    Hammer bullets?

    They are worth checking out, so are the tipped bulldozers
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    Rattlesnakes while hunting

    None for me out west yet, hopefully it stays that way on my son's southern NM deer hunt
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    Finally built my Howa 1500

    This project started a couple years ago, I wanted to build another long range rig but on a budget with a quality scope. I usually go with a Remington 700 for these projects, but happened to come across a clearance sale on brownells for a howa 1500 300 win mag 26" heavy barreled action with...
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    Elk results tomorrow for WY

    BOO! unsuccessful, now I have to decide what/where I will be hunting
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    Kentucky Elk

    congrats, they were given another donation from me again this year
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    New Mexico Unit 30 youth hunt

    Nice bucks!
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    Winter in WY

    Found some pics I took back in late Nov.
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    @Fire_9 what Timney and how much shipped?
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    Ammo storage

    Lots of good ideas, I have stored primers in a vacuum sealed bags in the past.
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    Ammo storage

    Finally starting to set up my reloading area in the new house. Looking for some ammo/reloading supplies storage ideas.
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    "Action" camera (re: knock off GoPro)

    I have ran these for a couple years now. No complaints
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    New Mexico Unit 30 youth hunt

    My 13 year old drew this tag this year, its his first mule deer tag. I have never hunted in NM before, and don't know a whole lot about this unit. I have a long time to make a hunting plan but was looking to see if anyone has any first hand experience in this unit? Its last week in Nov, will...
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    New Mexico is posted!

    all red for me, my Son drew unit 30 deer tag for the youth hunt, our first NM tag!
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    Illinois Shotgun for deer

    Back when I hunted with one for deer, I used a rem 870 with a hastings riffled barrel and lightfield sabots. If starting from scratch a savage bolt action would be my choice.