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    Big News (well for me it is anyways...)

    Congrats! I dont have mine but have two PE's that work for me. I will give some advice, stay on top of your continuing education credits so you can renew. (Employer should pay for them) Dont get stamp happy, make sure agree with any disclaimer on the doc you are stamping. Also be aware of some...
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    What rite to get.

    500 yards and under, BC values don't tent to matter to much on magnum cartridges. If you shoot the same bullet weight at the same velocity in say a 30 cal vs a 6.5, the 6.5 will have less recoil. Recoil on the 6.5 prc vs the 270 win mag won't be noticeable. Given same make rifle and same weight...
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    Bedding: pillar of glass or both?

    If you have the capability to properly bed the rifle, then I would do that as well as pillar bed it. At the very lease pillar bed it. Or you could pillar bed it, shoot it, if your happy with the accuracy, call it good.
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    12x14 Davis Canvas Tent FS

    GReat deal, wish I was closer
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    Kids and the outdoors

    Start by getting them involved in any activity you can that will keep their attention. Let them determine when its time to go. Don't over do it or they won't want to go. Make it fun, and have patients.
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    Fund raiser question

    I plan to fill up the list on a FB post then do the drawing live on FB. I too am Leary of some of those online raffles.
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    Fund raiser question

    I will be helping out a foundation to raise some money through various raffles. I am wondering if its better to sell tickets at a lower $ amount but a higher number of tickets or a higher $ amount and lower number of tickets? There will be a maximum number of tickets sold so you will have an...
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    Looking for Hunting Partner 2020: North Indiana

    Send me a PM, sounds like your in my neighborhood
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    A Dream Becomes Reality

    Just watched this episode, was wondering #big fin Just watched this hunt, you had the hours of travel to get to the destination and were lucky enough to have an awesome bull cross your path on the way to camp. Part of me was wondering if you had any disappointment that your caribou came so...
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    A year to remember

    Dang what a season, congrats.
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    Gander Outdoors Flyer - remington 700 ultimate muzzleloader

    If it can actually burn all 4 pellets before it leaves the barrel,
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    CVA Wolf

    I use BH209 in all my muzzleloaders, and am a huge fan of center shot bullets.
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    Building an AR, lower receiver recommendations?

    Like others have said you won't find much difference in the forged or cast lowers, its when you get into billet lowers you will see a difference, and if one was going that route, I would recommend getting one with a matching billet upper that machined together. IMO the trigger is one of the...
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    My First Western Hunt - Montana Elk 2019

    I didn't read all of the responses but, you could have been hunting an area with a lower elk population, and that would explain the lack of sign.
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    Wyoming HMA question

    I think I know the answers but I am not 100%, so I won't post possible false data, but I am tagging in to see what others have to say.