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    Damn whitetails,,,,,,

    terrible luck
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    6.5 Berger 156grn

    Unfortunately they are very marginal over the 140's. A slight wind and energy advantage, you need a lot of HP to get full use of this bullet. I tested these when they first announced in my 6.5 WSM, see data below.
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    First hunting experience (not good)

    These things can happen to the most experienced shooter. You may never forget this experience, but it should help make you a better hunter in the long run. Not a lot can help you with the jitters, but if you want to see what your comfortable range is under those conditions, bang out 20 or as...
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    Question regarding Browning Hells Canyon Long Range Rifle Stock

    There is nothing structurally special about that stock over, it is the same used on cheap x-bolts, its a shame they didn't put a little extra into the stock for strength/stiffness. If the barrel isn't touching you will be fine.
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    Got it done in Wyoming!

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    Youth rifles

    I recommend getting him a Rem 700 youth, that was my sons first rifle. Caliber I would go .243, 6.5CM, 7mm-08. The reason I propose the 700, is there are so many components available. Plus, when he out grows it, just change the stock, or you have a great platform for a semi custom rifle when he...
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    WY antelope 2019 success with new hunter

    I was fortunate to take another first time hunter out west with me this year. His father as well as my 13 YO joined us for this hunt. This hunter happens to be a paraplegic and I am trying to help him get back into hunting more. For his first hunt I thought it would be best to go after a doe...
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    Tennessee please

    I did go to central, maybe it was an off night? Or I am just spoiled by some awesome homemade ribs here at home.
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    Any old Mauser experts in here? 8x57J rifle

    This was my grandpas, he didn't know much about it, and I am having a hard time finding info. I do know it is a .318 rifle.
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    Remington 700 375 RUM

    . Its a fairly light rifle, so recoil is still stout. If it doesn't sell I would put a different break on it and switch to a heavier bullet, probably the 331 sledge hammer. But were talking about a gun with over 5,500 FT LB's of energy at the barrel.
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    Remington 700 375 RUM

    I don't know exact number, but it is under 300. Was never shot more then 3 times before barrel cool down either.
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    Remington 700 375 RUM

    Making room for new projects and letting this one go. Remington 700 .375 RUM. I have another and don't really need two in this caliber. scope and rail NOT INCLUDED . Shoots a 260 grain accubonds around 3,100 fps. Stock is a hougue w/ aluminum pillars. $600 OBO
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    Remington Fieldmaster 121

    Making room for new projects and letting this one go. In great shape for the age, does have some light nicks on the butt stock. $700 OBO
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    Remington 700 458 LOTT

    Making room for new projects and letting this one go. Its a Remington 700 safari, it started out as a .458 win mag but was rechambered to .458 Lott. I have 21 pieces of brass to go along with it, will need to be trimmed and sized. Barrel does have some bluing that wore off. Scope is included...
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    Big Game/Large Caliber lever action

    Hard to beat the 45-70 and ammo is still easy to find. Especially since a lot of stated that didn't allow rifles for deer are starting to let some of the straight cartridges be legal.