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    338WM bullet choice

    I shoot a 225gr Nosler Partion, 70 grs. IMR4831, Federal Benchrest Primer and for elk, bear etc and for antelope, hayfield deer, I use a Hornaday Interlock 225gr. Both bullets shoot to the same point. Haven't tried them yet in .338 ( just in .270) but the Swift A-frame seems to be a very good...
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    What's a Quartered Elk Weigh?

    Personally I've always just skinned the udder on cows or ball sack on bulls when I make the first cuts and leave the hide attached. You don't need the actual milk gland itself or the nuts, the hide tells what was in it. As far as packing out the balls and tongue, well what someone does in the...
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    New to the Montana application system

    Go to and check it out, or call 406 444 2950. There are college student combination tags available for a little bit cheaper price. As far as resident, I think if you fulfilled the requirements (after 6 months) you would be good but as a student, be best to check with the folks who...
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    Firefox says not secure

    We have Firefox, everything seems OK here
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    Hunting Float/Raft trip suggestions

    If you would like to hunt whitetails there's some islands on the Yellowstone ( check for ones that are state or BLM) that can be a lot of fun. I haven't done it , but I would think checking out the Missouri, up in the breaks country would be worthwhile also and more kind of an adventure thing...
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    What's everyone's plans for MT opener

    Even though it's the day with the most people out there, still like a moth to a flame... it is OPENING DAY, gotta go and take the gun for a walk.
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    why i like woodleighs

    Always have heard good things about them. One of these days I have to get some of their 480 gr for my .450NE whenever I get it finished (restored).
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    Montana Elk B for Bozeman area: worth it?

    Personally I think it depends on the spots your buddy may know of and your schedule. If you can hunt after opening week, during the middle of the week, you can avoid a lot of the crowd. Here in Meagher Co. there is less than 2000 year round real residents. Starting in the summer we get...
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    Trying to find a white tail hunt.

    My 2 cents...Check into Montana, we have whitetails and a youth hunt that starts just before general season. I like whitetails for kids, we just sit, wait, have the gun set up on the shooting sticks and it's a nice setup for a good clean close up shot for them. It's worked real well for me with...
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    Bipod vs shooting sticks

    I have just been using a couple of 4' long wood dowels (I think they're approx an inch dia) lashed together, slide the knot up or down for height, for my kids to shoot off of. Very sturdy and I just carry them and we can use them sitting still or stalk. For myself I prefer to carry my rifle in...
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    Mule Deer calls?

    I've always been fascinated with calling things so have been playing with it for a lot of years now. I've heard does and fawns talk to each other quite a bit, kind of a bleat type thing. While predator calling I've had does come in quite often to check things out and have called both bucks and...
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    BLM land and aggressive sheep dogs

    I think a big part of the problem is the growing popularity of using such dogs. It seems years ago they were protective (saw more herding dogs back then too) and did their job but that aggression towards people was discouraged, now you got bunches of ill bred crap that are just plain mean with...
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    I could use some prayers sent right now.

    Prayers from here too. We have friends whose daughter has to wear a insulin pump 24/7 but she adjusts and is a happy active kid. Luckily this stuff is treatable, I know it's much harder when it's a child but it's just a matter of keeping things in perspective. I got hit with kidney failure April...
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    Mt. Antelope Unit 500

    There are 3 fishing access along HWY 12, Harlow at the east edge, Martinsdale at the west and Selkirk kinda in the middle. See folks camping in them, might be something else but offhand that's what comes to mind.
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    Analyze my group- What to do next?

    I agree with the one thing at a time approach. You may want to try different primers though. on some guns not too much difference, others it can be quite a bit. I've had my best luck with Federal Bench Rest and worst with CCI