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    Caution Warning: Racism #huntingwhileblack

    Pre-emptive warning - keep this thread within the realm of decency.
  2. Cornell2012

    Why all the touching and hugging?

    It is a fair call out and worth keeping an eye on. Female hunters have a hard enough time as it is when hunts get posted online (have you checked comments on some of those videos? they tend to the less civil end of the spectrum when female hunters are featured) and we shouldn't be making it...
  3. Cornell2012

    Lack of ammo going to be a problem?

    Local Cabela's had ammo on shelves as of earlier this week (I didn't look too closely at specifics, but noticed a few of the common calibers). The fishing section, however, was picked to the bone.
  4. Cornell2012

    Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera

    Nikon, Sony, and Canon have all produced (by many accounts) some absolutely phenomenal cameras recently. I got a Sony a7iii a while ago, upgrading from a Canon 7d and I'm super happy with it. I don't have the Z6, but now seems like a good time to upgrade if you have an itch for it - mirrorless...
  5. Cornell2012

    The Harvest Film

    In my personal opinion, the hunting TV networks are out of touch with the emerging trends in hunting. I think the only reason this will be seen by "millions" is that they will air it on Sportsmans/Outdoor channel with a bunch of marketing around it, not because it is actually going to be a...
  6. Cornell2012

    Older podcast

    On the day I responded to this thread, I made the change to the RSS feed to make sure it shows all the old episodes. Hopefully by now that change has had enough time to propagate through all the podcast apps. I just checked and it looks like Google Podcasts has updated to include all of them...
  7. Cornell2012

    Next Draw System to Implode

    IMO, point systems like this (limited supply; demand growth that outpaces supply growth) are destined to only be effective for short time periods. There are certain units where a new hunter starting applications today can apply their entire life for a top-tier tag, and be guaranteed to not draw...
  8. Cornell2012

    Older podcast

    We'll have to look into how to fix this - the main cause is that our hosting platform's RSS feed only allows a certain number of podcasts to show at once. All the services look at that feed to see which episodes are available. Some also keep older ones as well. It looks like Spotify has all...
  9. Cornell2012

    Seeking your input for this enterprise

    Glad you figured out a way. From our side, Amazon only gives four options for countries to distribute content to - US, UK, Germany, and Japan. Small producers like us don't get the full distribution options of larger studios that Amazon proactively licenses.
  10. Cornell2012

    Rank order of importance for a video cam.....audio vs zoom vs USB charging....or can I get all three without breaking the bank?

    IMO, I really dislike USB charging because I find it to be slow and unreliable depending on the charger. I'd rather carry a spare battery or two. My preference would be to have a microphone jack. With that, if I was making this choice with the budget you specified, I personally would choose the...
  11. Cornell2012

    Best card games and board games to occupy our time

    A few that I didn't notice on the list yet: Moderately involved board games: Sushi Go, Machi Koro, Dominion (a little daunting at first but quick once you learn the rules), Oceans More involved board games: 7 Wonders, Puerto Rico, Power Grid, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Galaxy Trucker
  12. Cornell2012

    Anybody Buying Yet? Where’s the Bottom?

    This is what I've been doing - put a bit in every time we get a 4-5% drop. The time horizon for when I will need this money is pretty far out so I'm going to take advantage of the dips when I can. A friend of mine from school is a finance wizard and was big on the idea of just buying an S&P 500...
  13. Cornell2012

    Should Have Bought A Tundra

    Some info on sales numbers: https://www.goodcarbadcar.net/2019-us-pickup-truck-sales-figures-by-model/ Highlights from 2019 Ford F-series: 897k Toyota Tundra: 249k Chevy Silverado: 576k (GMC Sierra is another 232k) Dodge Ram: 634k Nissan Titan: 31.5k (Yes, that's right 31k for all of 2019. In...
  14. Cornell2012

    What truck will BigFin purchase?

    You forgot to add in the CyberTruck
  15. Cornell2012

    Sunday Pic of the Day

    Sat and took video/photos of this guy for 15-20 minutes.