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    Contact Lenses

    I think mine are rated for about a week of continuous wear. I usually bring two pairs - one that I wear from the start and a second brand new pair that I swap into if the first ones start to bug me. If I do need to switch, I try to at least give my eyes a rest overnight. I always bring my...
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    Time-lapse with Sony

    I didn't realize that they started charging for playmemories. I know they took the old functionality to an app called Imaging Edge (allows you to wirelessly transfer photos and a few other things). I really love my a7iii. The time lapse mode is a bit quirky, but the eye-af, dynamic range, and a...
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    Time-lapse with Sony

    It depends on which camera model you have. Some of them have it built in, others might require an app for it. I got an A7iii last year and it didn't have time lapse capability until they released a firmware upgrade earlier this year. You can also go old-school and buy an intervalometer (at...
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    Field & Stream stores purchased by Sportsman’s Warehouse

    I actually quite liked the F&S store when there was one close by. The store-branded gear actually seemed to be decent quality, and they carried a good selection of products and brands. It was a little weird that it was sandwiched next to a Dick's but otherwise I was pretty happy with it.
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    First hunting experience (not good)

    As everyone else has said, things happen. Your preparation sounded excellent and your first hit seems solid. You will learn from this experience for years to come. I regularly think of how things went sideways on me and how I could have improved.
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    HUNTERS CONNECT - A new platform for new hunters

    I have thought about this quite a bit, so I apologize for the lengthy post. Presenting the basic information in a way that is easy to understand and is easily accessible is a huge step forward. I'm happy to see this project gaining some traction. I think this point that Kenton brought up is...
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    This is what's wrong with hunting.

    The video work is...not great. I was hoping someone figured out how to use autofocus before the end of the video. I was sorely disappointed. Both shots were as light was fading (look at all the noise on the video - it was probably much darker than it appeared to be). I would have felt physically...
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    Linux OS Users

    I mean if all else fails, you could give Wine a shot. (Though if have the skills to configure Gentoo by hand, you're probably well aware of Wine already.) All of what I need is browser-based (OnX, goHunt) but I don't reload.
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    Portland Hunt Talkers meet for beer

    Should be a good time!
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    Donating Meat - What are your thought?

    Since moving to Portland, I've met a surprising number of people who don't fit the traditional hunter profile, but are happier to eat wild game than store-bought meat. I'm not sure any of them will ever become hunters, but I think it provides some goodwill to focus on the meat over the trophy...
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    MT residents thoughts on Steve Bullock

    Sadly, this one photo is probably enough to get him disinvited from any of the Dem primaries. As the parties have consolidated and polarized, it has become harder than ever for moderates to get attention.
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    Best Hunting Video for Non/Anti Hunters

    Does she mind if you hunt? Is she open-minded enough to have this discussion? Is she open to changing her ways? Based on people I've met, there are a handful of reasons people go vegan/vegetarian. The main ones I've seen, with some gross over generalizations: Health reasons - they've concluded...
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    Anyone have a Sony a6400??

    If I was in the market and was looking at the 6300/6400/6500, I would choose the 6400. IBIS will make it easier to get some shots, but I don't think it will be that big of a jump if you already have OS lenses. The real perk for the 6400 is that it has Eye-AF and claims to have a slightly faster...
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    Google Considers Hunting Animal Cruelty

    Looks like Google has reversed their decision.
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    Amazon prime

    Unfortunately for the small content producers like us, Canada isn't one of the countries that we can choose to distribute to. We'll definitely open it up to Canada as soon as their program allows us to.