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    Tape at the end of barrel?

    Another great option are the first aid rubber finger covers. They may make your rifle look like it is practicing safe hunting, and that is not completely wrong.
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    Central Mountains, Manti UT LE elk hunt

    LOL yeah they had a camera with them. The pics I got from them were rather low resolution. I have attached one of his dad and his bull cropped out as to not show their faces all over the internet (not that the image is sharp enough to see faces). Not if they ran the tape or not, but it is a...
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    Central Mountains, Manti UT LE elk hunt

    Just wanted to throw out a quick update on my friends hunt. All three of them harvested great bulls, with my friend's dad shooting the biggest of the bunch at an estimated 370" bull. Thanks a ton for all the advise and help.
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    Central Mountains, Manti UT LE elk hunt

    My friend has to work all weekend, but I believe his brother is going to be out in the area bird dogging. Thanks again
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    Central Mountains, Manti UT LE elk hunt

    Thanks for the offer. I will get with him and let you know.
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    Central Mountains, Manti UT LE elk hunt

    My long time hunting buddy and his dad drew the Central Mountain, Manti LE elk hunt for this fall and are looking for a little guidance to help his 75 year old(?) dad at least get a shot at a decent bull. My buddy is a very experienced elk hunter, both archery and rifle, but being unfamiliar...
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    Utah email results are out

    Another bonus point for elk, which takes me up to 13. My daughter decided to get married this summer, so I guess the $ savings will go to good use. Got a deer tag for both Utah and Idaho, so I will stay busy enough in October.
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    300wsm long range ammo?

    My X-Bolt Stainless Stalker in 300 WSM loves the Federal 180 grain TBT's.
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    Utah is hitting CC cards.

    I drew a deer hunt of some variety. I guess I will have to try again with lucky 13 bonus points next year for elk.
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    Extra Stupid Window Stickers

    I like my truck as non-descript as my body, with the exception of some well earned scars.
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    Idaho Muley Unit 76/66A Rifle

    That was a crazy winter for sure. This one we are currently in has been heavy, but there have been enough breaks that if it starts to trend towards warmer weather now I think the herds will be fine. There were a lot of out of state hunters in the area as well. Quite a few trucks in the area...
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    Idaho Muley Unit 76/66A Rifle

    I never did get up there last season as the finances were not great. I did already buy an Idaho tag for 2019 and am planning on doing some in depth scouting this summer, and 76 is our main focus. Will let you know what I find when the time comes.
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    EDITED: Artifacts found while hunting / hiking?

    I have found quite a few ammonites near where I hunt. The most interesting thing I ever turned up was a sawed off Remington Targetmaster bolt action 22 rifle someone had tossed in a stream. I can only speculated on the when and why.
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    Advise from a southerner to a westerner on hunting

    As long as you don't say Catchin' Deers. ;)
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    Input on rifle, new or upgrade

    I would not discount some of the WSM calibers that allow comparable ballistics in an short action which will obviously means less weight, with the added benefit of a shorter bolt throw. My all around hunting rifle is a Browning X-bolt stainless stalker in 300 wsm, and while the buy in price is...