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    BF Goodrich Tires ???

    Hankook Dyna Pro ATM Have had since Oct. 2014 Good traction in the snow Tough tire. 600 dollars for 4
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    Tire question

    Antlerradar hit the nail on the head
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    Cheapest Meat?

    C'Mon Moe!!! Really?
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    mexican Wolf

    Saw on the news about the first litter of pups born to newly released pair. Didn't catch where this was at. Any info on this?
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    Very, Very NOT right

    You guys sound like boehner and ried all over again. I can't believe you fellas aren't running the world
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    Vacuum Sealers

    Have tried a few different brands of sealers. My middle name is "Cheap", so don't go top end. Moisture was usually the problem and a good heat seal was the other. Needless to say, I have given up on useing them and rely on a processor. Probably could have saved a bunch of money by spending a...
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    Gratitude ! ! !

    If you can read this, thank a teacher! If you can read this in English, thank a soldier!!!!
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    I quit in the 70's. 2 packs a day! Just "Do It".... I like to say, I quit 35 pounds ago. Don't quit quitting!!!
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    Anyone fished key West???

    Up the road a piece, if you can. "Bud-N-Mary's" charter service. Good people. Ask to go out with Rick Stanczyk
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    Utah Tax payers duped, Again!

    Have you ever seen a poor politician?????
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    community organizer turned commander-in-chief

    Did the man over step his authority? Be very careful, he has a pen and damn well knows how to use it. Thank God for term limits!!!!
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    I think some of our forum members are relying on the politicians way too much. Politicians are not to be trusted. The "Man" has a pen. Be very careful!!!!
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    Bo Bergdahl

    What's you guy's take on this abortion? Is he a traitor? Are his parents old hippies or taliban? What a tangled web we weave...
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    Virus on here?

    May be totally irrelevant but, a couple of months ago my old computer got a virus from "Somewhere" and I was useing this site, along with many others. And to top it off I'm so ignorant how all this stuff works I have to rely on my youngsters to carry me through all these problems. I know that...
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    What's up with the lighted nock deal?

    Lighted nocks are great. With the speed of todays bows, it is hard to view flight of the arrow. Sight of impact spot is greatly enhanced. Great wonderful invention. Now if only some one would come up with a way to shoot critters that would leave a paint splotch on the hide. Sort of like...

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