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  • Randy,
    I am the guy Breaks Runner was reffering to about the freak horned antelope. I intend to post a field photo and brief summary, but I can't figure out how and my 9 yr. old son isn't home from school yet to help me. Is there a place to click "new post"?
    Good job on the mule deer.Not bad shooting for a guy that was shaking at thirty yards earlier this summer.hehe What broadhead did you use?Same ole'-same ole' lately,little of this and that.Might go out this week-end for a couple of nights,chase elk.....that is if I can work out some last minute "issues" with my bow. Nate
    Hi Randy, I had a question about a post you made yesterday on the breaks fire. I am archery hunting the breaks this year for elk and am looking forward to this weekend...however, after reading your post that you will be there at the end of the month, I am questioning my decision on being there opening weekend. I know there are going to be a lot of people there this weekend, but I think I should be okay as I have a spot two miles from any roads and I am hoping it is an overlooked area. I really do not know what to expect opening weekend. Is it a zoo and is that why you are going up there later or is it as simple as work/home conflicts? I am also wondering what affect the fire and fire crews had on the elk. Well I should know that answer in a few days. Thanks Randy.
    I got home today ( been on the road all week) and the scope arrived in perfect condition.

    After I get it mounted I'll post a pic. It's going to look great on my Ruger 77 synthetic, with a blued barrel ! Think I'll name it "Black Beauty ". LOL

    Thanks again,

    Due to elk hunts several of the guys have planned we aren't going till Nov 1. I told the guys we'd better not grab a handful of horn to drag a critter! Oh well, high adventure. One of the fellas has an ex partner that guides for goats around Forsyth and may be one of our ranch hookups. I intend to bring my shorthair and a couple of scatterguns as well. I'm doing a little recon with some contacts for "places" . The other fellas are driving from the Spokane area and I'll meet them in Bozeman. Any ideas you might have would be welcomed. If you are around it'd be a hoot to talk a little scandahoovian with ya!
    Paul - That is good news. When you know the dates you are coming through, let me know. I would love to catch up with you and your pals, if I am in town and not out filming. And, I might be able to give a few locations, if you don't already have a place.


    Randy, I and 4 pals drew the 700 speedgoat tag in your fair state. I have not been able to draw a tag for 10 yrs in ID!
    I'll be passin thru, if you are around I'll buy ya a cup of Minnesota mud.

    Never heard of it. Looks like a great opportunity. Goog luck on that and make sure to tell us how it works out. Colorado has a lot of elk, so I am pretty sure that you can get into them.


    Hey Randy , How ya Doing ?

    Have you heard of the COFA hunt here is some info on it. I'm hunting with the group this year out in Co.

    for the COFA hunt..a bull tag is around $550 and a cow tag $250
    The October dates is 21-27 2010, the handout has last years date on it. But it gives you a good clue what to expect. You have to have an ATV, to see some of the best hunting spots for elk in the world.

    Here is the link:


    I saw your second episode (Montana Big Horn) a couple weeks ago and made the effort to learn more about your show and website......I want to complement you on your show as it is one of the very best I have seen and presents hunting in its best form....on your own in the real context of what hunting is anc should be!

    I helped Dale Burke make a few hunting videos about 18 years ago, including his most successful video, Hunting Rocky Mountain Mule Deer....and most recently helped design B&C's Big Game Profiles when I was the Executive Director of B&C.....I have hunted all over the lower 48 and Alaska (with my brother who is an Alaska resident and now a brown bear guide on the Peninsula). Thus, I know how difficult it is to get good footage of a hunt and portray it to a viewing audience in a thoughtful, complete manner....So, again congratulations on a great show.

    All the best,

    George A. Bettas
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