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    NM Boy's head to Missouri for Whitetail

    Well enough waiting, it's time to fire up the power stroke and pound the ground for 16 long hours. We will be leaving at 2am tonight...... Could not be more excited.. We should arrive at Chillicothe around 6pm. So if you see two out of place guy's going down the highway smiling from ear to ear...
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    2010 Missouri Whitetail

    Congrats on the buck..... Hope you left a bigger one for me. We leave out tonight for MO
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    This years little bull

    Nice Bull !!!! By chance did that come from unit 10?
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    T or C Goat hunt I cruised around the East North side of I-25 and Butte. I found nothing, sorry...

    T or C Goat hunt I cruised around the East North side of I-25 and Butte. I found nothing, sorry hopefully some else will chime in.... Good Luck!!
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    Shooting Broadheads

    In my case I only had about 1/4 inch sticking out at full draw. When I went to the fall away my groups got a lot tighter. I played with both arrow rests and found myself with the fall away. I do miss the fact the biscut would hold an arrow for me. LOL If you look at some video's on youtube at...
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    Shooting Broadheads

    Remember a whisker biscuit the whole arrow has to travel through it (tip to end). No room for error. Good Luck!!
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    Antelope...Lets See Them!!!

    Northern New Mexico Speed Goats!! 2008 2009 2010 Now the last hunt has been the greatest hunt ever... It was my 8 year old's first big game hunt. Next year he want's to control the trigger. Ha Ha!! Now it's time for Hunter's Safety Course
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    Truth or Consequences

    I have yet to see Antelope around that area. We go down to Elephant Butte at least 6 times a year in the summer to go play in the water. It's only 10 minutes away from Tor C. I tell you what, we are going to the Butte this weekend (which is labor day weekend) I will venture off and take a look...
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    New Mexico Pronghorn

    Con grads on the kills... We hunted the west side of Des Moines. Let's just say there back yards were the hunting grounds...
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    NM Deer

    Nice!! Grads on the buck..
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    Another Speed Goat from NM

    It will.... Just pay attention to the wind!! O'ya Good Luck!:hump:
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    Another Speed Goat from NM

    It's is a 1n9 twist with a 24" barrel Bushmaster Varmant. I used BLC-2 24gr rem. brass cci primer. have not shot through a chrono to what she is giving me. All in all I was happy with the load As far as hunting with this caliber it's all in shot placement. My 2cents Thanks for the props and for...
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    Another Speed Goat from NM

    I reloaded some 62gr Barnes TSX BT for this hunt. Shooting at a distance they dropped like a rock..but they did awsome at this range.
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    Another Speed Goat from NM

    That's funny.. I put it there as a marker and I be damn, I left it. Now as you know you can't leave a man down. So here I go walkin my happy a@# up the hill again. It's my Bowtech hat, need I say more LOL!
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    Another Speed Goat from NM

    Thanks!! It's not to bad. We have had some good rain in the past month. Now the Elk Hunt starts the 1st of September w/bow... Sweet!