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Jan 21, 2001
One of the greatest moments in hunting, comes from watching a member of the younger generation in the outdoors. I have two daughters, now 10 & 11 yrs old, they hunt , they fish and now backpack, I've learned some lessons I'll pass on.. They need their OWN equipment, camo, gun, canteen, etc, you don't have to spend a fortune either, when my daughters were born I brought their birthday presents to the hospital, a marlin little buckaroo .22 rifle and later a Lakefield .22 for the youngest. They have learned to shoot as they were ready, not when dad was ready , the oldest has almost given up the rifle and shoots a bow most of the time, they both started with lil brave bows and graduated up to Browining micro mitus compounds, I think the oldest is really considering going traditional like dad, start them out with small caliber guns,nothing will turn them off quicker than gettin the tar waled out of em, I have cut down the stock on a .223, and they are moving up slowly. For backpackin, we are trying the kelty coyote packs, torso length goes down to 11 inches with around 2500 cu in cap. For steelhead fishin, they use 7' ugly sticks, one with a shimano spirex 4000 and the other with a diawa gold close face .They really do take care of things if properly taught how, I just got my nephew age 13 through hunter safety and now we are applying for his permits soon. If I can help anyone with questions concerning kids and hunting, especially petite little girls let me know, pass it on, it's what life is about.
HUnt2MUCH... How young did ya buy your kids a BOW ?~?~?~ My bow is 4 and I don't feel ready yet. My buddy bought his boy a bow at 3....

I am a REAL WUSSY protective dad And would feel like DOG DUNG if My boys ever got hurt becasue They were doing something I let them and they weren't ready....

I have taken them fishing ..check out this link :

BUT guns and a bow... Egad... They may be ready but not me yet......
Its great to hear of more folks getting there kids into hunting and fishing.
Our son also had a 22 before he was born,he has passed it down to his daughter now.
We also just bought her a browning compound bow,she loves it.(She is 5 years old)
There are kids as young as 3 shooting bows at the 3-D shoots.
I think the younger the better,you start out slow and make it fun ,get them hooked .
My granddaughter also cought her first fish this week-end.
It amazes me how fast the young kids learn things.When you get gear that fits them it makes it even better.When Bill was small we had to make due with whatever we could .Hey moosie,your kids arent to young at all. Start them out with gear that fits them and ALWAYS be there when they us it.You should see some of those kids at the shoots,gets them busy with mom and dad and wears them out real good.
moosie, I bought the girls their first real bows when they were 6 and 7. and signed them up with the local JOAD club, The instructors know alot more about teachin kids than I ever will,now we do a lot of stump and target shootin around the place. h2m

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