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Dec 23, 2000
Lets say some bozo runs over your bow case with everything in it. His insurance agrees to give you $800 to buy a complet new set up.

My question is, do you buy a top of the line bow ( Mathews/Hoyt ) at $600+ and skimp on the sight/rest/arrows/quvier, or buy a mid-line bow for $300 or so and get the really good stuff to go with it (everything has to be brand new).
Feel free to list the stuff you would get.
Anaconda , I would go with the latter option. I would like to have the complete set up so I can spend the time practicing with the new bow and gear.
Can I add some money of my own and get a Mathews with top of the line accesories?

If not I'd go with a used mathews with mid-level accesories.
i WOULD get all top end stuff off ebay.
I have purchased several items that were as new for at least 1/2 of new price latley.

They cant MAKE you buy just new equipment
....can they?
They are paying the replacement value that they agreed upon, it should be up to you where the $$ goes.
No they can't make you buy new, I just wanted opinions on what was more important to people, a high $ bow, or the stuff that goes with it.
Anybody here use a "wisker biscuit" rest.
I bought my PSE dressed out for about $500. Bass pro and Cabelas have some nice rigs that are for the most part ready to hunt. We have a Bass Pro here in Nashville and the guys in the archery department are good for the most part. They dont work on a commission (that I am aware of) so they will not pressure you as I feel like most pure archery shops do. With $800 to burn a combo unit can be purchased and you can easily dress the bow with accessories of your choice. Just my opinion for what it's for the whisker bisket I dont have one but I hear good things about them. What I have seen though is a lot of guys and gals will notch the top of the whisker bisket to allow you to load the arrow through the top rather than push it by the string. I have heard storys of people brushing the draw string with a razor sharp broadhead.

Sorry to keep rambling...I have a PSE Firestorm that had to have some warranty work done. A limb needed to be replaced and PSE not only replaced the limb they replaced both and refinished the riser to match the finish of the limbs. When it was all said and done I was only out the cost of shipping the bow to PSE...I had a new bow and could not be more pleased.

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I would go with the Mathews, pick one. What JB said is true. Friend at work just got a two year old Mathews Q2 off Ebay for $445.00.
This included shipping and he received it in two days. I have seen the bow and it was in perfect condition, one little bitty scratch. I have purchased some items off ebay too. One word of caution. If you have questions, before you bid contact the seller and get pictures and all questions answered. Personally I would go new on all counts. I shoot a Mathews MQ1, I shoot carbons, Bemans ICS 400's,with 85 gr Thunderheads. My rest is a TM Hunter Ultimate. My sight is a Cobra Ascent Micro Adjust, with fiber optic pins. Wrist strap, and stabilizer. Hunting quiver is a Kwikee 6 arrow in matching camo. But I have dreams of a new LX, if only I can get it in the house without the wifey seeing Good luck on your purchase.

Stay calm and pick a spot
Well if someone ran over my bow and gave me $800 to repair it I would be ticked and ask for more since my bow cost quite a bit more than $800 about 4 months ago.
TK, have you ever had to deal with an insurance co., trying to replace something ?
I don't know how much your set up cost, but 50% to 60% of new cost is about what they would give you without a lawer.
Thats cool. don't let anybody run over your bow !!!

So are you a dye hard Mathews fan ?
I've got an old Browning that I havn't shot for many years, I was thinking I would break it out and go deer hunting in a few months.
I'm just asking questions to try and get up to speed on all the new technology.

I went down to the local pro shop last week and looked at the new bows, Mathews looked good, but I really liked the Hoyt cam & 1/2 bows. I'de have to really get back into it before I spent that kinda dough, over $600 for eather one.
I just really got into archery hunting last year. I had always wanted to do it but I got really serious last year. I then made a deal with my parents that if I got good grades, that I would pay for 1/3 and they would each pay for half of what was left. It still cost me around $300 but I feel that it was well worth it. This year I need to get me a deer with it though. I tried out those cam and a half bows when I was down there and I found them to be pretty much identical in feeling when I was shooting them. However the only thing that made me choose the Mathews was how it felt when I shot it. It felt like you weren't even holding anything when you shot and it was just one of those things that I felt extremely comfortable with. As a matter of fact I haven't shot that thing in about 3 weeks. I guess I should start shooting again since archery deer season will be here in 2 1/2 months. LOL But if you decide to dump the money into one of the new bows shoot both of them a lot of times. When I went to the archery shop that I went to I shot each one around 30 times before I made up my mind.
I would buy a top end bow, the technology today will make the bow very useful for many years to come and you can put accessories on it as you go...
I want to try the whisker buiskit this year also...I hear very good things about them...Good luck and keep us posted on what you do...
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