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Yes i made it back.... Yes i scored, not the monster but a good one


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Aug 22, 2002
More info later........ need to pork the ol lady first. Got LOTS of cool pics and vid of buck and bulls. I pulled the trigger to early but i still think i got the second biggest bull of the hunt since we left 2 days early. The bigest was my buddies that got stold from us by a low life loser.
I smell points ;)

Better have better pictures then me in the Deer and Big game section ...... I'll tell you about our other Teammates Points too !!!!

KA~CHING !!!! ;)
O.K. heres a short version of the story. I passed a few bulls until the 4th day. I had a 320 class bull comeing in hard to my cow call and then decided to kick ass on a tree for 20 minutes. He was facing me the whole time just out of bow range and the cover was too sparse to stalk as we were hunting a burn area. I lost light and couldnt get him in my range finder and took a poke on a guess for yardage, and hit the ground below him. ended up being about 70 yards when i found my arrow the next day, i figured 50 but the low light plays games on a guy. the 5th day I started thinking about saving some vacation time so this bull came in to my call and turned broadside at 40 yards and bugled so i couldnt pass the gimme shot. I nailed a perfect double lung as soon as i saw the arrow hit. To my surprise he bled for 100 yards and i lost the blood. I was looping down where i saw him run and heard some death groans obove me in the next valley. i be-lined it up there and got his scent and tracked him like a dog. there he was laying 10 feet from a 5pt shed .22 miles from my hit location, tough critters. i tried to back track because i was surprised at the lack of blood but there was none! I had doubts that i should have shot him and later regretted it as i saw much bigger and a few within bow range ,when i was now a full time guide for my buddy. We didnt get out early to save vacation time as my buddy had some shooting performance issuies this year. On the 8th day i called a nice 6 point in at 20 yards and he 1 lunged it. We tracked it for over a mile and lost the blood in a grassy meadow. the next day we saw the crows and hiked up there to find the bull with the cape, ivories, meat and horns gone. We know some loser took it without ever fireing a shot because he tried to hide the carcass with rocks and logs. We hiked out to check the campgrounds to see who brought a bull in the last couple days and they said some guy from WY brought one in the day we shot this one and left right away. We contacted a warden and he is looking into it. He told us to keep hunting. The next morning i called in a nice 5pt and my buddy ass shot it at 25 yard??? now i was getting fed up as this was the 4th bull he had an opportunity at. anyway, it went 150 yards and piled. I ran down the hill and called in 2 more 6pts in 20 minutes and got some great video. heres a picture of my bull, bow kill, hunt talk hat, score?? not sure yet, but not a 300 bull.
Not a 300 bull but will be a 100 Point add on I'm sure ;)

Seriously though, Congrats on your Elk man !!!! Sucks about your Buddies but what can ya really do. Some people are jsut like that. You seem to find some "CLASSICS" when you're out hunting.

Welcome home and thanx for the Story.
He may not be the worlds record, but he's a fine animal none the less! You can't turn down the money shot, I know I wouldn't! Congrats!!
Originally posted by Moosie:
Is that a Fence I see back there ?!?!? ;)
No, but there were fences in places. amazes me why we have to have cattle on every piece of public land in the west......
Good bull an good decision Schmalts. I turned downed an easy shot on a bull much smaller than yours, and came home with nothing but memories.
So tell us about the V.V., is it as cool as they say ?
Originally posted by A-con:
Good bull an good decision Schmalts. I turned downed an easy shot on a bull much smaller than yours, and came home with nothing but memories.
So tell us about the V.V., is it as cool as they say ?
Well, its nice for sure, but from what i hear its not better than most AZ units, and most UT units. It had a lot of bulls for sure, but the genetics are not the caliber of the Gila or AZ. I was told by a contract Veteranarian for the DOW that my bull in the Gila would be 2 years younger the same size. It was the same old story though, lazy horse hunters and road hunters bitching about the hunt being over rated. Go to Monster Muleys and see a post by a guy named Lionking, he is whining that it was terribly over rated as a hunt. My response was "were we hunting in the same unit??" I worked 3 bulls every morning and every evening on an average. not all were the size of mine but every other day there was a 320 or bigger bull. I will post some video of a 360 bull, and he was not the biggest we saw. My bull was a satellite bull to most herd bulls, and 300 bulls were satellites sometimes. If i had waited i could have killed a 300 bull with ease later in the hunt. So my advice is if you never hunted it, apply for it and i will key you in on where to go. Also, most hunters i got info from ahead of time were not putting hard days because most said they didnt see anything over 320, but they are there for sure. This would be a dream hunt with a muzzel loader, and a 340 bull would not be hard for me there.
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