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Sep 9, 2002
Just found out I got drawn for my muzzleloader hunt in CO this fall!!!! AND it's my birthday to boot - Hell of present!
I'm STOKED!!!! Can almost taste those tenderloins 'a grillin!
UOKman . KUDOS !!! Got to love getting out after the Great Wapiti.. tell us about your PLANS !!!
Congrats on the tag, uokman.

I got my first choice preference point and second choice late season cow tag. Up to 14 points now!

That is great uokman,
Is it a general MZ tag, or unit specfic?
What kinda smokpole ya going to use?
Co. has some rules about bullet type & no scope, make sure ya got all that stuff figured out.
Congrats on the tag Uokman. Which late season you doing?

Colorado Oak, 14 pts huh where you planning spending em? I think I know where though. Good luck to you!

I drew my late season cow tag too. Looks like over the counter bull and late season cow.. Now if they'd just let us know if they are going to issue depradation tags...DS you know anything yet??
Thanks for all the congrats!... and the Happy Birthdays! As was obvious, I was pretty excited!

This will be the 3rd time to draw for General Season Bull Elk muzzle-loader in CO. We hunt outside of Norwood, CO and have enjoyed a very high success rate in the past. Hopefully the trend will continue. I shoot a T/C .50cal Black Diamond loaded with 385gr maxi-hunters (?) pushed by 120 grains of Pyrodex. Been a good load for me that shoots well out of my gun. With iron sights, I keep my shots under 100yds - where I'm totally confident of my ability to put the bullet where I want it going!

Our trip is usually 4 guys. We go out a couple days early to go look over a bull or two prior to the hunt. Then it's up to the lake to catch some trout and a bucket full of the biggest darn crawdad's you've ever seen!!! Then a hog-fest on boiled crawfish and pan-fried trout... I can smell it already!!!!! After that, we're all about hunting the mighty Wapiti - from before daylight to after dark every day until we've all tagged out or out of time, whatever comes first!!!! Then back to the big drag called work
But then, if it weren't for the work part, I couldn't afford to chase elk!
Guess you gotta take the bad with the good.
Congrats on the draw!
FEELZZ GOOD EH?!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK To YOU!! Sounds like ya'll are gonna have a great time!

We catch the crawfish using chicken necks or legs in a piece of ladies nylons with a rock in it tied with a piece of string. Just pitch it out in the lake and after letting it sit for 5 minutes or so, slowly pull it in and dip the crawfish with a minnow net before they let go a drop off the chicken. I know it sounds crazy, but we've been doing this for over 5 years and almost always come away with a 5 gal bucket FULL of huge crawfish! When I say huge - I mean it too... these things are 8" long from pinchers to tail!
we use bacon here in missouri to catch our crawfish. put the bacon in a piece of pantyhose tie it on some fishing line and toss out in the water. pull it up slow and dip the crawdads before they let go.
I am just a big LOSER that cannot even draw a statewide muzz tag. 3 down, 2 to go for state rejects.....