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Wyoming Limited Quota


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Aug 13, 2002
Houston, TX
Hi, I have been watching for a while but this is my first post. I'm interested in applying for an elk tag in 2003. Need some direction in a good quality area. Willing to go against high odds. I'm from out of state and do not want to hire a guide. Don't expect a secrete spot, just a good unit to apply in.
HEY CARYO, I seen ya brovvsing some "VVYOMING" topics last night
DID ya get anything out of them ?!?!

Seriously though, I've never hunted VVYOMING but vvanted to say HELLO
CARyo15... I was just messing with ya. Something you need to learn around here is ALOT of us JOKE around before Giving out the information.....:D

THEN AGAIN.. This time I really can't help you cuz I'm a Idaho boy..... GIVE it a few days and someone is sure to help out...

I have a couple of Questions though...

1. BOW or RIFLE ?
2. Ever hunted Out of Texas before or even for ELK ?
3. Why pick Wyoming instead of Colorado, Montana, Idaho or AZ ?
4. How old and in shape are ya ?
5. WHATS your Credit card # SO I can buy me a new gun ;)

PS, I was just kidding on that last one.. Unles you were wanting to give that info out *WINK*

SOMETIMEs posting informatino about yourself and wants is a little better for people to answer some questions.....
Thanks for the reply, to answer your questions.
1) Rifle or muzzleloader
2) Yes, I grew up in NE and was transplanted to TX (like most in Houston).
3)I have been hunting in CO the last few years with limited success. Have been trying to learn about the different states. NM and AZ are hard to draw, but I try.
4) 32 and stay in decent shape, I can pull my weight.
5) WWW. CABE LAS. COM, but it is already maxed out.
We hunted unit 97 last year and saw some animals, but couldn't make it happen. If you decide to head up into that country you better be prepared to go in on horseback though. The problem with this area is it is real weather dependent. If it snows, watch out, if it doesn't stay in camp!!!!!

Welcome to the board.

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
Hi Cary and welcome to Hunt Talk. There are some nice animals in just about all of the NW areas. You will have to apply in a Non Wilderness area if you do not want to use a guide. Areas #72, 75, 79, and 74 all have nice bulls, but also a lot of hunters. Areas #81 and 84 have less pressure and also some dandy bulls, #121 & 54 are not shabby areas to consider either. #89 is not bad, a lot of pressure and fewer animals than the areas north of there. do realize the Wyo general tag runs from 30-40% odds...and a limited quota area that is real good would be less than that. So, you may wanna decide realitically how bad you want to hunt next year. A general tag would allow you to get the tag then narrow down your search over most of the state, much the same way as Co does, but the differance being, Wyo general raes are much higher qulity than Co.

If you put in for an area with say 10% success, well, you may as well be applying back in Az or Nm........
I guess what I was saying Cary is.....unlike Co....the whole state of Wyo is "limited quota" fot non over the counter tags.
I have hunted in general areas the past 2 years and will be again this year. I have never had a problem finding the elk around here. If you decide to go for general then the southeast corner of the state has a high population, but not the biggest bulls. Due to a lot of private land between Laramie and Cheyenne there is actually an over abundance of elk, just hard to get access without paying through the nose. West of Laramie you have two separate maountain ranges with large sections of National Forest.
There is no special muzzle loader season in the vast majority of the state if you were hoping for better odds at a drawing.
Thanks for the help guys!! It will give me a place to start.

What is a "general" permit. I do not see it in the Fish & Game booklet. Does this permit allow state wide hunting and is it available to nonresidents?

wyomingtim: My brother went to tech school in Laramie and he herd the the local hunting was pretty good.
The general statewide tag allows you to hunt in about 80% of the units as you, up around The Yellowstone Jackson hole area in Sept with rifle and then fall back down to the southern part of the state and hunt October November with rifle. Unlike a lot of states, you can hunt two or three months on the same tag as a just have to check the regs to see what parts are open at what times......but it is the best boom for the buck as far as non res elk hunting goes.
You can bowhunt and gun hun on he same tag......just have to draw it.....then you can plan a hunt.....
DS is correct. If it is not a Limited Draw area it is open for General tags. It is a good deal for both Residants and Non-Residents alike.
Cary, Welcome to Hunttalk.. If you decide to apply for Arizona next year, give me a shout. We've had pretty good success in the areas we hunt. If you can draw, we can put you on Elk. :cool:
Thanks Deerslayer / Elkhunter,
If I'm reading it right then I can hunt any and all areas that has "GEN" under the type. This would allow me to hunt 49 different areas. Is this right?

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