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Jul 12, 2010
Another possible solution would be to have a Resident only draw with 80% of pronghorn, 75% of sheep tags etc. as it currently is.

The remaining percentages that are allocated to the NR draw, becomes just an "open draw" open to either R or NR but all applicants apply at the current NR fee structure and everyone in that pool has the ability to buy/use preference points. So, if R's want to apply and pay NR fees, they're in that pool as well as the Resident only draw. That would also allow all the R's that are in favor of a point system for D, E, P to accrue them as well.

Take care of 5 issues, no need to change tag splits, no revenue loss for GF, additional revenue from R's that buy points, more opportunity for R's to draw more tags, and those R's that want to participate in a point system can.
That’s a super interesting idea. Never heard something like that floated. From a NR perspective I’m guessing that would be the best alternative. I doubt very many residents would pay the higher fee. Some would of course. Not too many though. Sorta like type 4 cow elk tags on the NR side now. And yes, a straight-forward way to achieve revenue neutrality. Very creative.
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Aug 26, 2019
Eastern Tennessee
I see it as an "Eastern" NR hunter that they want to shift the tags to the residents. I am fine with that. I am just glad that they are willing to give us NR a "chance" to hunt their public lands.

Secondly, removing the "Special" draw option will require an increase in the regular draw price to offset the loss of income from the "special" tags. Basically, split the middle.

There is a plan in place to increase their revenue over the next two+ years to the tune of near $1 million dollars, which in the grand scheme of things, is a drop in the bucket.

If this causes everybody to burn points to hunt this year or next, I am all for it being a late on-set NR western hunter. I am all about having a "better" chance in drawing in a NR tag pool. I do have points in WYO for the big three, and I will be using some of them this year to hunt Antelope. I will hold my others for another year to see how this plays out.

I look at this a lot like BigFin, any chance to hunt is better than no chance.


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Dec 13, 2017
NR's wanting their cake and eating it too...as it were. I think one or the other needs to change.
right, and i'm sure one of them will at some point.

i just speculate that one of the two will result in fewer tags for the NR, no? and i would speculate that remaining the same but keeping more R tags out of NR pools after initial drawing could reduce the total tags held by NRs more than just a 90/10 split.

i hesitate to say, but it almost seems that if residents aren't drawing all the pronghorn tags they want in the initial draw it's gotta be their fault... not a result of too many being dedicated to NRs