Wy hunt from meathead

Well all in all I had a great hunt. I did not bring anything home , but a great time anyway.

Sat. afternoon I landed in Jackson and was pick up by LB. And she took me to camp where Elkhunter was waiting for us. We got everything put up and said our hello's and saddle up and head in to do alittle scouting. No Elk that afternoon but we did see a bull Moose, not big but OK. We did have a little trouble with the horse I had rented. It had a little blood coming from his nose, so I called the outfitter and he ask me to keep a eye on him and let him know if we had anymore problems.

Sun. Morning we head back in and notice aboout half way in the horse has blood coming from his nose again,so I proceed to walk back down the trail with Elkhunter. We did hear a few elk bugling over on the next mountain over. So we tied up the horses and headed in that direction. But me not being in that good of shape,the Elk
stop bugling before we were able to locate them. But we did see another bull Moose on the way. On the way out that afternoon I called the outfitter about the horse again and told me he had no way of getting another one to us and to ride him which I did . (not hard)

Mon. We take it easy on the horses and only go in a short ways. We were making a big loop back around to the horses in some really thick timber when I spot a few Elk about 60yds away, 2 cows aclf and a spike. Takes about 2 sec to not shoot it,waiting on somthing better. Went back to camp.
Elkhunter had a little trouble from his horse but I'll let him tell that story. I rode out from
camp a little ways looking around for anything at all. Got off of horse tied him up and walked around looking around till about dark and headed back to horse which was gone went I return, so I head to camp and there's my horse %@#$!^ .And Elkhunter starting to come look for me. That #*%@ horse.
I'll finish up later.
Tues was a wash becausse of the horses, but had a great time at camp few cold ones and swaping lieswith Bill.

Wed we started where we had heard a few elk on sunday but nothing today so we hiked up to a park and watch for a while before heading in to the timber to seeee wath we can find. Thats where we seeen the nice bucks. I did have a good look at a spike at 60yds for about 5 min, but choose to pass. And seen 2 more bull moose.

Thurs No Elk, No Moose, No Deer, Just Beer{in the afternoon after the hunt}

Fri. We had a morning hunt with on luck. So we headed out to break down camp an head out. I had a great time in Wy. No misses Alot of great time with Bill and Michelle.
Thanks to both of them for putting up with all the trouble with me.

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Bummer of a week as far as elk hunting went, but still had a great time. Horse seems to be doing real well now. I did see a nice buck, not a big as the one Martin saw, but a taker for sure. Of course neither of us had a deer tag though. I didn't see any elk and only a couple small branched antlered bulls came out of the area all week.
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