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WY Draw Results Posted early.

Thanks for the heads up Greenhorn.

License Type: Successful Area/Type
Resident Sheep No
Resident Moose No
Resident Antelope Yes 088 1

This is the first time drawing for antelope since 1996 or 97

Greenhorns link did not work for me. If it doesn't, here is another one.

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Drew antelope, elk, and deer. No big deal for a resident though. Now, if I can just snare a sheep tag in MT or AZ, or an elk or coues deer in AZ...
Thanks WW and Kraven and congrats right back at you WW. Knock em dead

Congrats to you too Buzz
Once again I didn't draw nothing! Pretty sad, I'm a WY resident and I don't even get to go antelope hunting, and whats really sad is I know a bunch of non res. that come to wy to hunt antelope every year in the unit I put in for. I'm sick and tired of all this bullshit. I spend 365 days a year scouting, praying for any damn tag, even antelope and I never draw. I feel just sick now, I don't even feel like going out in the hills to take photos now, whats the point? Never get to hunt the big bucks/bulls I can watch all summer from my house. It's just bull.
Sorry to hear that Younghunter. There are always the additional doe tags. I know it isn't the same, but just pointing out an option.Look on the bright side, this gives you more time for deer and elk.
Do wyoming residents have to get drawn to hunt deer and elk or is over the counter. We have over the counter spike elk tags but have to get drawn for branched bull. Just wondering what wyoming does.
WTG elky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think since I got a little more time and $$$$ now might make a trip to WYO this fall with a left over tag in my pocket just to get out and hunt.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Wyoming lope hunting is a kick.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Good lord, WY lope hunting is shooting fish in a barrel. When we lived there my husband dodged them daily just driving to work. It makes no sense at all for G&F to be stingy with those permits. :(
Oh well, got my antelope second choice. I was putting in for a low success area for elk and deer and first choice lope (all about 6% draw). Better luck next year. Back to general elk on public land for me.
I drew antelope and a 75-3 elk tag which surprised me because it was more of a long shot (13%). I was planning on hunting the general units but now I get to hunt the late migrating bulls in the Park.