WY 2021 success


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Dec 7, 2015
Northern IN
We arrived and set up camp by about 230 pm.


We decided it was to hot to sit around camp so we would go out and do some looking around. We glassed up a bunch of groups and bucks, probably found around 25-30 bucks the first afternoon. My son (15) was itching to get hunting, but I told him it was the first afternoon, we had plenty of time, lets see if we can find a really good one. Next morning we are up dressed and have eaten breakfast, my plan was to look over some new country as well as some of the areas we glassed the day before that we seen some decent bucks. Well mid morning we had passed on a bunch of bucks again and my son was getting antsy, he said I was being to picky. I reassured him that he would get an opportunity, we went up a two track where we had seen a nice one the day before but was on private and wanted to see if we could locate them and maybe they would be on public. Well we couldn't turn them up so we went way in to the vast nothingness of sage flats with some rolling hills. We only turned up one small buck and two does. Well on the way out we spotted a group close to where the group was we seen the day before, except this time they were on the other side of the two track and several hundred yards away from the private boundary. We make our stalk and are able to get within 150 yards. The buck keeps going back and forth between does, and in and out of sight behind a rise. At one point he mounted a doe, that was a first for all of us to see. Son made a perfect shot and he only ran 20 yards. My son got to try out his new pack that I got off @michsteelguy on here packed the quarters and head out by himself.


Next was my son's grandpas turn. the second buck we found after my son's grandpa decided it was big enough for him. We made a 300 yard stalk and was within 300 yards of the group. He shot and missed high, the group took off up the hill, so we headed back to the truck. Before we could get there the buck popped back out 200 yards from us. Grandpa hit the dirt, I ranged at 208, next shot was high, the buck stopped briefly and another shot was taken, this one also high. Not the buck had turned and walked a little closer 198 yards. I told him to hold bottom of the chest and he dropped it on the next shot. Found out at some point his elevation turret had turned and he was shooting 4 MOA high, so he was shooting 12" high at 300 and 8" at 200 which explains the misses.


Next up it was my turn. I wanted to check out a new area and was side tracked looking over some bucks along the way so it was dark before I could look the area over. So that is where we would head the next morning. I was in the tent looking over onx, coming up with a game plan and areas I wanted to checkout. The next morning comes and I was really wanting a B&C buck, but I was also wanting to get it on film, which getting something on film is hard, self filming is even harder. I got on a couple that would have been close. One if I wasn't wanting to get on camera I could have shot, but wasn't disappointed either that I didn't. I was really enjoying just being out west again, thankful that my son shares the same passion for the outdoors as I do. But what really sped my hunt up was I was getting a clunking noise in the front suspension and it was getting worse the more two tracks I traveled down. I didn't want to have a break down miles away from pavement so I decided the next decent buck I could make a stalk on I would be happy with. Well I found a buck with about 10 does, I get into position for a shot but it was a little further then I wanted to shoot. They went behind a rise and I was able to cut the distance and get about 40 yard from the closes doe, but of course she spotted me and bolted and took the group with her. I was able to keep an eye on them and make about a 1/2 mile stalk to get within 300 yards. First shot hit behind the shoulder and he trotted off with the group and then slowed to a walk where since he was still up and moving I shot again with him this time busting his front shoulder, he ran a short distance over a rise but never seen him in the distance, found him piled up shortly over the rise about 100 yards from the first shot.


Can't wait for the next adventure.


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Oct 8, 2021
Congratulations! Sure a look of pride on that young man's face.


Aug 15, 2014
S.E. Michigan
Congrats to you all. Sounds like you had a great trip, and those bucks look terrific!
Btw..... hope that the pack worked out ok.
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