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Would You believe?.....



...........if I told you I was looking at close to a dozen bucks yesterday that were in the 24-28 inch range, with a couple pushing 30inchers........all in about 45 minutes of least those were Buzzy's numbers.......they all lokked like Booners to me!!!!! :D

We left out at daylight to shoot some dogs.......had a slow morning, but managed to call in a couple and I put a longrange shot on a dog moving at the speed of light with my favorite dog gun, 338 mag :D , and that shot is about as good as you'd ever want a do. Ol' buzzy skinned him out and we moved on........eventually seein a couple herds of elk numbering in the 30's each, and tons of deer. As the day grew on, I told ol Buzz I could take him to a place a show him some Muleys that would have his jaw dropping......and I think it's still dropped! :cool:

We saw some of the finest muleys bucks a guy will see in our area, and though they probably traveled a hundred miles or more to get here :rolleyes: we have set a plan in motion to backtrack afew of 'em to summer range. We were kicking ourselves for not having cameras......but we'll go back in a few days and get some awsome bucks on film to share with you......
DS times like that...YEP.

But there are still many low points when I think of all the hunting I am missing out on back home......I feel a move coming on in 3 or 4 more years......
DS just think what you could have seen if you had a guide to locate them for you.All the extra time you would have had if you had a guide doing the foot work for you.
We'll do Westman......they're not going anywhere ;)

Flipper.......we thought about that going in, fact, we almost opted out of the scouting trip all together, as the dangers of the country far outweighed the chances of our survival, but we've never been accused of being very smart :cool:

.......and one side note,......when next fall gets here, and either Buzz or myself gets fortunate enough to display another nice muley buck, someone should make note that the scouting begins in December of the prior year........
Flip.......I have my opinion on it and you have yours...........if you want me to change my mind in order for you to deem me "open-minded".......well, it ain't gonna happen.........hell with hath froze over first ;) ...........I have been founded in a deep tradition of hunting all my life.......I know what it is to me, and hope it will always remain. I have no problem with others with either higher or lessor standards......but when opinions are laid down, sir,.......I WILL call a spade a of my deep rooted traits I guess you could say :D don't have to like my opinions, but I will post 'em as I hope you do yours.
I won't be going anywhere anytime soon Elky.......cept maybe to Tennessee to let ol Flipper show me what real hunting is like ;)
D/S... Would ya believe I saw over 30 6X6s yesterday.. not Park elk either, resident bulls on public land. One of them gave me some serious woodage.

I woke up at 2:30AM to let my dogs out to pee and noticed the fresh snow and decided (instead of going back to bed) to put on the boots and headlamp and look for a cat track in a new spot. No cat tracks but lots of big elk and I'll be going back.. or maybe I should just book with the local outfitter, after all they run about 50% on raghorns.
Hey...take your camera back!...that would be friggin cool to see!.........and I don't wanna see no fences in the foreground, or that's a major deduction! ;) It didn't seem odd to see as many deer as we did.......only that we only saw a couple of smallish bucks.........the vast majority had our jaws dropping and they were all right together......awesome sight for sure.

Tell me, is it more common to see a bunch of big bulls holed up together on winter range or Big muleys bucks together.........or is it about the same either way.

WE saw two big herds of elk that morning........all cows and a spike or big boys to be seen........

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