Would I find It ? How would I feel!!!



Wat to go Miss Muley!!!! Beautiful buck!!!

That was a real good post you made there.......and if folks say that stuff can't happen to ANYONE....they haven'y been at it long enough. I don't care how good you are or how much you know or think you know........if you hunt long enough, sooner or later, you will find yourself in a "less than ideal situation"......I'm glad yours turned out the way it did.

Last year, Indy and I took a little heat for his wounding of a bull and not recovering it......it was not a "ill-advised shot"....and Indy is efficient shooting his weapon.....everything was perfect.....that is until it wasn't. We still don't know what happened....a limb?...scope bumped off-sight?....nerves at shooting your first bull?.......all we know is we did our best and tracked him for 7 hours, seeing him many times and were assured it was not a fatal wound but rather a glancing blow......but the sinking feeling stayed with my partner for days after that. All you can do is rebound the best you can in those situations and get back after them.

I'm glad the adrenaline rush of the tracking job turned out to be roses for you!........it is a very anxious and exciting time!

Congrats again!!!