Wool Or fleece ?



Lighter, dries quicker when wet and also stays warm when wet. Doest cut the wind very good, but that is what my gortex jacket is for.
Wool.....comes in various weights for layering, warm when wet, (fiber actually generates measureable heat)dries quickly, and lasts a hell of a long time. Some of my hunting clothes I bought from Eddie Bauer in the 60s, when they were "the hunting store".

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No contest.
Has saved my but many a time. Sometimes you dont get back to camp at dinner time. It can be snowin and blowin but you got to follow up this elk your hunter shot just before dark. Then the fun starts when you find it. It can be a long cold night.
I will wear wool.
I think it depends on what and when, and also, I want to say I mix them all the time!

I almost always where patagonia capilene long john, best by far, then a lightweight fleece over that. I"ll have another fleece in my pack that will serve as backup for real cold, then if I put it on and plop my goretex over the top I'm snug as a bug in a rug, regardless.

In fall/winter, I always where wool pants. I have several different styles of surplus that I where, depending on the weather outlook. Some are heavy, some are light. LOVE wool pants, no way to beat them. I'd love to be able to afford some King of the Mountain wool. I'd still have my fleece on under it though.
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