Womens hunting boots

We do have Rei but last time I looked they just didnt have very many womens boots that seemed to have some good ankle support. I've noticed the selection for womens boots around here tends to be very limited.

I order from REI, try on, and if it doesn't work I return them to the nearest store (70miles). The local selection is not good, but you can get lots online.
Some great info above, my daughter, age 24, needs a pair of leather mountain boots with durable soles for backpacking and decent height for stream crossing. We will look at all brands mentioned above but does anyone have advice on which on-line retailers have good selections and good return policies? I'd like her to try on at least 3 different brands, wear them around the house, and return what doesn't fit well. She lives in a rural area so going to a big city is not an option. Thanks for any advice!
Almost all I've dealt with have good return policies if you don't wear them outside and leave the tags on.
I thought I would do a little update since finding womens boots can be a bit frustrating. From suggestions in this thread, I essentially narrowed my search to an all leather boot and looked at Kenetrek, Schnees, Lowa, Zambleran, Crispi and Meindl. I tried a pair of Meindl Lady Vakuum and while they were very comfortable, they just were not tall enough for me. 8 inch boots were necessary so I recently purchased the Crispi Skarven II which are uninsulated. They are a light boot and did well in -10 degree weather as well as having some great ankle support, so I'm pretty happy with them so far. Every foot is different but I hope this helps someone else in their search.
MTelkHuntress, glad you found something that works.
I don't think anyone has any worse feet than me.
I have small wide feet. Either the boot companies have changed their sizing or at my age my feet have changed greatly.
I wear mens sizes when I can find them to get the width.
Danner women's boots have been the worst for me never wide enough.
I wear Kenetrek started with size 7's and now up to men's 8's.
Bought my first Crispi's this fall I think they are Colorados GTX size ladies 9. Can't say enough for the feel of these boots. I used them to hunt general deer hiking up mountains and down with no problems.
Now back to the 1,000 grams Kenetreks for the late elk hunt we have. They are size 8.
I have a pair of size 9 Solomon's that are my general around the yard and in less than 6 months the sole is breaking down and can't wear them longer than a few hours.
I have Zamberlerans and now they have stretched to the width of my feet and causing major toe rubbing. Can't wear them at all and they show very little usage.