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Who's Ready For Bear Season?


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Dec 26, 2003
Southern British Columbia
April 1st is the spring opener for blacks up here. Looking forward to getting out and crackin' a big one 'fore I head off to Bear Camp in May. Here's some bear pics to get ya excited 'bout chasing the ol' bruins this spring.






Nice. Very nice. :cool:

Don't open till May here. With the amount of snow we got, might not be able to get out till mid May.

(edited this for the spelling king. :D )

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AAAAAWwwwwwww CHIT !!! Look at them Suckers !!! We have 14 days after you till we can Get out. I already know were I'm going to be back into though. I have 2 spots that I'm going to hit.

Our "crew" will probably run 4-5 bait sites between the lot of us. It's almost time to get the Cameras off the Shelves and Get ready for some Pictures !!!

Thanx for posting them.

With the amount of sow we got
What does the Female Bear have to do with when you can hunt :confused: ......
I tried the past 3 days to get up into different areas to scout, but the snow is still to deep. Our no bait/ no dogs season for bears starts April 1. Then turkey starts the 15th. About the time I get tired of the heat the spring salmon season will be going full tilt. I live for springer fishing. We start fishing an hour before daylight and fish until about 7:00 am then haul ass home take care of the fish shower and hit the office by 9:00am. Then I cut out of the office as early as possible to hit the river till an hour after sunset. I look like a zombie every spring but its an absolute addiction. Then its back to scouting and the range before the real season starts again.
Our bear starts 4/15 in Mt. Most years that's two weeks to soon but this year it looks good, even the grizz ars starting to move a round, witch is not a good thing. Now a small skinny grizz can look a lot like a black we'll need to be cairfull. I'm going on a turky/bear hunt an the 15th, next wednesday. If i'm good and lucky that week I'll be finished with this foolishness so I can get to some WALLEYE fishing!!!
I am planning a black bear hunt to SE Alaska in mid May and am quite excited. I have been planning this trip for 3 years. In addition to that one of my good friends drew a local spring bear tag for the Blue Creek unit in SE WA state and I plan to help him try to get a bear. Rufous.
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