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Cameron Hunt

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Apr 1, 2003
the metropolis of Ca
Well now there are 3 deer down. Sat. morning Kevin, Jason, Don and I went on our deer hunt in eastern Wa. Jason was the only one with out a doe tag. So saturday morning Jason calls me and said there were 3 doe's heading my way. I soon cut them off and hit the only visable one. Come to find out it was a little spike. So the eve. came and we found another in the field the Kevin took. I think he and I are on opposite parrales. Long story ! His little buck was just like mine last year. Then at noon we broke camp to get home leaving his dad there to hunt till monday. He called at 7 pm to say he got a mature doe. So Jason is left to fill his tag this coming weekend Hopefully ! Kevin should have some pics soon... Good hunting to all !
kiwi.. He'd be cheering for the Seahawks from the Washington he's from. Would kind of be like you cheering for the Wallabies instead of the All blacks in the rugby ;) Way to go on the whities though and let see some pics.
thanks guys. I dont know why Kevin hasnt put up any pics yet? Kiwi, the only whiteis here are on the northeast side of the state. And all the farmers in that area want them shot. They do alot of crop damage. We had doe tags but it just happened to be small bucks that fell for kevin and I his dad got a doe. Again thanks guys