Which fletching jig?

I fletch with az eazy (3&4 fletch)but you said repair get a adjustable or one that matches vanes your repairing
I have a jojan 6 arrow one. Had it for years. I don't fletch any longer but do repairs when needed

Can be annoying to line up right for 1 fletch, I usually just strop and redo all 3 fletch
I have a Jojan 6 fletcher with straight and helical clamps. Once you get adjusted it works fine. The best is the Bitzenbuger but to get 6 to do a half dozen at a time is pricey. Most guys get by with one jig, just be patient it takes a while.
Bitz. It's slower than a multi-vane jig but more versatile in terms of angle, direction, quantity. If I were fletching a lot of arrows, I would probably switch to a multi-vane jig. But for the little I do (maybe a dozen new arrows per year plus a few repairs), the Bitz works fine.
Wow, there isn’t much to debate here… As tight as I am, I was hoping several people would recommend some cheap, plastic hack off of amazon. Sounds like that would only lead to frustration. Surprise, surprise….
You’re looking for a tool to build an arrow, that you want to propel at 350 fps, in order to hit a target as accurately as possible. You may even be building arrows to hunt, arrows that may travel 40-50 yards or more, with the goal of an ethical shot into a target ring the size of maybe a large apple. And you’re hoping for the cheapest common denominator to build the arrows? Get the Bitz, watch YouTube vids and get quality shafts and components. Otherwise, save yourself the money and buy pre-made boxed arrows.
Have you noticed positive results (group size, forgiveness, long range accuracy)? Been curious about helical fletch - especially for broadheads.
Didn't make much of a difference on field points within hunting range (less than 50 yards), but with broadheads it definitely helps keep them spinning at a faster rate.

I noticed occasional semi-erratic arrow flight when shooting bigger fixed blades. So I went to 3" vanes, and a left helical, and it made a noticeable difference. From an occasional flier to tighter groups at all ranges, it was a good change for me to make. Supposed to help deflect wind. Don't have any first hand experiences with it. But it makes sense.

It's similar to a bullet, just slower.
With the Bitzenburger, I put maybe a 2-3 degree R helical. But I'm using 2 blade broadheads, Magnuson stingers, which don't have a huge profile. Accuracy over cutting damage I suppose. They are flying extremely well out to 70-80 yards on the range.

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