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Which animal??


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May 9, 2001
OK all if you were fortunate enuff to head to Africa for a hunt,what animal would you like to take the most?

For me I think it would be the Gemsbok.To me they are like an Elk in the way they hold themselves.
My second choice would be the Steenbok. Mainly because this animal is so small and just looks like a challenge to sneak up on it.
Nut - I think you mean Cape Buffalo - the water kind lives in Asia/Australia... My son and I have been fortunate to take Eland, Scimitar Oryx and Wildebeest here in Texas (cheap too...if you want details, let me know). I'd really like to take a Cape Buffalo, Sable antelope, Kudu, and Gemsbok. If you can't get to Africa, you might think about Texas. :D
Here is a picture of my cousin,Matts Impala.
I want a DIK-DIK...... Nothing like a good African Dik-DIK to mount :eek: :eek:

Seriously though, I think a cape buffalo with a bow would be the Ultimate, that or a CROC with a bow !!!!!!

I would like a red hartabeast, and an ORYX, I think they look the coolest...
I'd like one of those big brown kittys, the ones with the big bunch of fur around its face...Or a black panther. Or maybe a leapord. One of those with a full mount and an ungulate with big horns under its paws would be very cool....
This is the first time in months I have been able to post here. Oscar must have UNBANNED me, lol. Who knows,

We, a buddy and myself are in the planning stages of our African Adventure. The animals I Hope to kill are: Kudu, Gemsbok, Impala, 2 Zebra and a Blesbok. I would really like to Sable hunt as well but it won't be this trip. Maybe I will get to hunt them on the return trip, if I live that long.

To "me" the Sable is the most beautifull of all the plains game animals.


P.S. There is always the waterbuck, bongo, springbok, oops, I am rambling here,,,,,,
For my money, I'd place a big eland real high on the list along with a sable. I agree with the kudu comment above. That seems to be the most commonly sought after trophy. A nice impala ram is really a beautiful mount as is a zebra rug.
Hey Yall,

For me its a Leopard & Buffalo Hunt!
Just the thought of gets me going........

We better keep an eye on Moosie and his dik-dik.....I guess thats not enough horns to worry to much about though

A bushbuck would be nice too.

:D ;)