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Wheres Olefish?



Hey Wayne where are ya? Hey I think the camp cook position in one of the camps is yours if you want it! Sorry I havent got ya emailed back. I am lazy. I lost all the harddrive and my email addys and havent done the extra work to email ya. I will now that I am here and when ya email me back youlll be on my address book again! bcat

If you aint the lead dog the scenery never changes



New member
Jan 9, 2001
Shoshoni WY
Well I have been gone a lot and I did not exist herr so I had to sign back up. Let me know what dates you are thinking of so as I can start to plan ahead. I may be changing jobs for UW but that should not affect anything. I am just now starting to look at elk permits for myself for this fall and what I will do. Lots depend on if I finaly draw my MOOSE permit. I still plan on shooting that 358 win if at all possible. olefish