Where to put a stand - Picture attached

I appreciate it and did exactly what y'all said. Was more of a scouting trip this time. Area I was in was off an unkept fire break. Got a bit of a lift and tires on the truck. Saw quite a few vehicles parked at the entrance because they could not go any further. I found a spot on a hill overlooking an entire path by the creek and hardwoods out to about 200 yards. I will be hitting that next Wednesday. I know it won't get any hunting pressure as no one can get back there without a truck with some lift.
Good man, I hope you get one.

That’ll be one on my short list that haunts me. I really wanted a Midwest whitetail. Sorry if I was overbearing. Like I said, I was yelling at myself and this thread just happened to be the punching bag.

Show us the grip and grin.
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