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Where are you from and where do you hunt?


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Dec 25, 2000
I just thought I would try to stir up a little conversation about where your from and where and what do you hunt.

I live in Austin TX and hunt ducks on lake Sommerville, Granger, and Choke Canyon. Next year I want to take a couple of trips to the coast, they tell me its great, and lots of public hunting. I just got back into waterfowl hunting after purchasing a 16ft jon boat with an Avery duck blind. I started waterfowl hunting while I was in college in Lubbock. I really enjoyed hunting those Greater Canadian, but its so far up there, that I have not done it since 93. I am still learning the duck game, but would like to hear from everyone else.
Welcome Dale!

I live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and can see Canada from my front window. Primarily I hunt on the St. Mary's river system, although there are alot of small lakes scattered about the entire U.P. that consistently produce.

We mainly get flights of mallard, bluebill, ringneck, some blackduck and canvasback, bufflehead and assorted other divers. Sometimes we do see the occassional woodie but I just can't bring myself to shoot one.

I duck-hunted for 16 years and was locally known as a hardcore hunting nut. I had a really nifty, fully rigged jon boat and nearly 100 dekes I used to terrorize the birds with.

Now the boat is gone, and I haven't loaded the old 870 in over two years. My partner - an old black lab named Aaron - died in 1998..... and I just haven't wanted to go since.

I've also hunted in Minnesota over wild rice beds, and that hunting was nothing short of FANTASTIC! One evening I saw thousands of mallards come in the evening and I was overwhelmed.... I had never seen ducks like that before.. or since.

Five years ago I hunted the fabled Saginaw Bay with a friend and it was a joke: guys were setting up 80 yards away from each other. I ain't kidding! There must have been over 100 guys hunting in an area about the size of a square mile. No birds, either, and it was the first and last time I ever tried hunting down there.

We also have lots of the Giant Canadian geese up here. Our season opens Sept 1 and I've shot hundreds of 'em over the years. They eat good, too.


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