What's scared you?


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Jan 31, 2001
medina, new york
nice story Big D, i have a story that sounds alot like yours from my farm. the first year i had elk i had to cut the horns off the bull in the fall so he couldn't get with them anyways. so a buddy of mine and ne darted him let him go to sleep and went up to him.

mind you my first time ever doing this. he was snoring and i grabbed his horns and kneeled behind him. my buddy asked if i wanted a picture and before i said anythiing he stood up with me holding onto his horns. i let go and he walked away, that is one pair of pants that still wont come clean..


Dec 11, 2000
Turkey hunting is also gator breeding season!i was walking a pasture road heading to an oak hammock where my blind was the road ended at an irrigation ditch.The ditch where the road ends is a cattle crossing and they and we cross there all the time to access that particular area it usually holds about two to three feet of water depending on rainfall .Like many times before i would just walk right through the gate and cross the knee deep ditch and head into the hammock to my area.I had one foot on the bank and the other about two inches from hitting the water when, splash shwoosh and every bit of water was gone from under my foot, the water was being displaced by a huge gator that i just about stepped on!!!
as she headed up the ditch the rush of water was like a tidal wave it scared the crap outta me!!! still get chills thinking about if id stepped on her whew!!!