what would you do (6)


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Sep 22, 2003
Lostine Oregon
You are walking in the woods during a late-saeason hunt, early November, with the intent to hold out for a trophy animal. You cut some elk tracks, and notice that one of the largest sets has blood in it. you suspect from some shots that you heard earlier that this bull was recently wounded by another hunter. you follaw the herd through several strips of timber, and as you come into a clearing, you spot the herd on the other side of the clearing. you immediatly see that a smalish raghorn 3x4 is limping on the other side of the clearing, he as clearly bee shoth in the hind leg. what do you do? I would shoot the sucker, despite the 300 yard plus shot!
The only right thing to do would be to kill that bull. Just wouldn't be right to let it suffer. I suppose after you killed it you could try to find the hunter that wounded it and see if he wanted to put his tag on it, so you could continue to look for that trophy bull. Maybe not technically legal, but oh well, that's what I would do. I doubt a game warden would have a problem with it.
Well,got to admit I'd probably shoot the rag-horn, the fact that the shot is 300+ yds is of no concern (and no-problem). Have to admit, time left in season would help. If I have hunting time left (days) I'd take it to the local game&fish, explain the situation, if they took posession of it, that's good, and if they made me keep it, thats OK too--I'm now the PROUD owner of a 3x4

(but I'm not happy with the un-ethical SOB who didn't look for his bull --if I've got time I might search him out
; but wouldn't confront him though, that's what game-wardens are for
I would shoot it without hesitation, assuming the conditions are favorable. Actuall, I have shot a wounded animal before. It was walking through a clearcut trailing guts. Had to do it.