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Jun 22, 2001
Ok, very good. Now put away your textbooks. :eek: Can you tell if this is the Defassa, common, or sing-sing species?

Guess how far away from me he was when I took this picture?
You know, I was hoping you'd tell us which it is. I have never heard of the sing-sing subspecies...??? I didn't think it was a common, so assumed it must be a Defassa, but then I thought...maybe it's a cross between the two??? I really wasn't sure. Fill us in! I wish I had been as close as you!

A shot of the rump may have helped me!


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I like the 2d species better... I have video of the first type from a good africa movie I have.. BUT the 2nd one looks a bit longer haired.. that is odd for a Africa Animal....
The first one is the common waterbuck, he's the one with the Texas heart shot target on his rump. The second photo is the Defassa, no markings on the rump or face like the common.

The hair of waterbuck are hollow, just like our deer. The common bull there that walked past me was 12 feet away when I shot him with my camera. This photo is of a thick horned bull I shot with my trusty rifle in South Africa on the edge of the Kalahari.


You can see his "target" in my photo. My opinion is they were misnamed. Probably the name of Regal Stinkbuck would have been better. They have a very strong odor, that is how we tracked my bull once he was shot. Trailed him by scent! To see the way these animals walk around makes you think right away that they are royalty. They actually seem to strut as they walk, holding their heads very high, making sure you see those magnificent horns.....
Interesting thread indeed.
The Afrikaans name (beside waterbok) is kringgatbok. It means ring arse buck. Descriptive enough?
Hey Ann, I'm new here, but brave. Here comes: Have you noticed how dull the waterbuck females are in appearance? They look like donkeys. We get that same syndrome with people? :D :D
Please forgive!
Hi Lochi, very good to see you here. I thought they had pig faces! The first time I saw waterbuck cows I really thought they were long legged pigs. :eek:

How's things going with your bargain hunts? I have a friend in Durban I am going to hook up with in September and we would be interested in a good budget place we could bowhunt for a day or two. Any suggestions?

How's the heat on your side?
My "econo hunts" ("bargain hunts" as you call them) are going very well. Right now we work hard every weekend to help cull female animals on game ranches before the hunting season starts: blesbuck, springbuck, waterbuck, kudu, impala. And then there is the cattle rancher at Thabazimbi who complains about the warthogs eating his cow fodder. And then it is also baboon time in the corn field right now until June. I hardly get time for jackal lately, yet I hunt almost every weekend. Frustrating to be so short of time.

When you first saw my old web site it was exactly a year ago. I have since updated it with some bow hunting pics and gave it an own domain. Check it out now!

Yes, I can certainly refer you to a great place where I took some warthog, impala and baboon with my bow. But it is far from Durban (Hoedspruit!). There is also a typical Freestate ranch closer to Natal where I know the rancher well. You can negotiate with them directly. But I'll be doing some bow hunting early in the season myself and keep you updated on more prospects.

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