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What is the worst wild game meat you ever tried to eat?

Boggy Creek Ranger

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Jan 21, 2001
There is a good thread going on the best now how about the flip side? We all know the taste of game depends a lot on how it is handled but some is just naturally better than others. There is some that, to me, is down right inedible
unless you are starving to death. The ones that I rank below week old road kill are:
Sandhill crane
Boar hog
Snow goose in the spring


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I shot a 351 bull elk in the late 80's that was still in rut during the rifle season. This ol' boy yielded 414 pounds of meat that was so rank, I had to defrost it outside, it smelled so bad. I couldn't even GIVE that meat away! My DOGS wouldn't even eat it! I'll tell ya, it sure was a long 18 months trying to choke that ba$tard down!
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i don`t like admit it.... but once i ate a porcupine on a dare.... i was drinking at the time
... those are nasty little critters..even when served with a fifth of bourbon...


Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.
big D now you hit on something i would like to it the size of the animal that makes them bad..or the rut factor??? or the age thinking that bigger bulls are older
all these things???...


Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.
I had the same experience as bid D, except with a big whitetail. I handle every deer the same way and process it myself.....After a while just the smell of that meat would make me gag!!
I had a cow elk one time that was nasty. But the worst was a spike bull. He was tough and tasted like a boot. Ron
Although elk is my favrote, I also have to weagh in with old elk during the rut as the worst. I poped a big buck once that was terrible too.

Good Luck
The Greek

The worst for me was a bul elk in rut. The taste was fine but was too tough to eat. Even the tenderloins were tough as shoe leathe. Finally ground the entire thing up and made Italian sausage.

Roper, at least you had a good supply of toothpicks while you ate the porcupine.

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lol elkee... if i remember right.. its kinda foggy.. but i think I almost bled to death just trying to skin it


Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.
Pronghorn antalope (speedgoat)
Shot one once that was wounded and we had to chase it all over the countryside before we could administer the cou de-gra.
It was the toughest nastiest tasting thing I ever ended up feeding to my neighbors dogs cause mine wouldn't eat it.
I killed a big buck antelope one time the last day of season. That was the raunchiest piece of meat I ever had. The dogs wouldnt even eat it!!!! THATS BAD!!!! I love the taste of antelope usually if its taken care of right but that old buck was TERRIBLE!! The elk I killed this year was 345, and it was the best piece of meat we have had except good cow meat. I let it hang for 21 days tho!!!!bcat

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Well, I reckon I have a tie. The first Mule Deer buck that I shot had been feeding on Mesquite beans when I shot him. I gutted and skinned him, but didn't know that you had to take the hair off of the meat or it would taint the meat. Well, tell you what, it sure did. The deer tasted like something that you smell when someone is sick. Terrible.
The second one is Javelina. These little guys have a scent gland on their back that for the live of me smells like skunk. The first thing you are supposed to do when you kill one of these foul things is cut off that scent gland, then throw the knife away. Well, I put the knife back in the pack and got another knife out to finish the job. Still tasted a little like skunk smells. Putrid is the best word I can think of. YUK>
bye the way, you all were right about taking game in the rut. The same hormones that make a bucks neck swell up make the meat taste like medicine. I imagine that the same is true with Elk.

The other thing that will do that to bulls or cows, bucks or does, is adrenaline. If they are scared or wounded and take a long time to die, the stress produces adrenaline and makes the meat taste crappy. . ..

Dan AZ

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Trumpeter Swans aren't bad, but Bald Eagles don't taste good at all

Just joshin'!!!

I haven't have anything that I haven't enjoyed. Some have tasted better than others but have enjoyed all so far.
Here in AZ it has to be Javelina. The cook book I have says to put 2 lbs of Javelina meat in the crock pot with 1/2 gal of barbeque sauce and cook for 24 hrs. Then it says to throw away the meat and barbeque sauce and eat the crock pot. I really think it would taste better that way.
Mine would have to be zebra... 1984 in the Zimbabwean low veldt. I shot a mare near sundown and by the time the field dressing chores were complete it was total darkness. As we were missing dinner, the PH pulled out a can of Zimbabwe's answer to SPAM. One look at the ingredients list told me to stay away... "game and or game parts"! That spelled R-O-A-D K-I-L-L to me. I asked Mike, the PH, what zebra tasted like. He told me it was nasty and that not even the natives would eat it. Still, I knew EXACTLY what it was!!!!

I took my knife and sliced a 6oz. chunk off the flank and tossed it on a bed of coals, turned it once and then brushed the ashes off and started chewing, and chewing, and chewing... I finally choked it all down but not without the aid of three or four Castle ales! Extremely nasty AND... the next day I had the worst gas of my life!
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