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What are you currently reading?

Just picked this up in Dillon this weekend. Interesting read!


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I just read again, after, maybe decades, My Antonia, by Willa Cather. Apt description of the settling of the midwest.

Next, perhaps, Death Comes for the Archbishop, dedicated to my first love of country, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.
Decent. The ad for the TV spinoff playing nonstop on all the various Meateater podcasts kill me. “You may remember him as the smoldering brother on …” 😂 I don’t think their marketing team gave much thought to matching the pitch to the demographic.
I listen to 15 - 20 books a year bc I drive a decent bit. All Fiction and almost all scifi. I just finished Upgrade by Blake Crouch. It was pretty solid. I enjoyed it more than Dark Matter by Crouch.

I just started the Dune series. I tried to listen to it 2 years ago, but I couldn't get into it. I love the movies so I'm giving it another try and I'm really enjoying it now that I understand everything a bit better.

Generally, I want nothing to do with self-help books about leadership or management. That said, someone I respect gave this to me so I read it and I enjoyed it.

If I take one thing away from it, it will be a recognition that the advice you give is rarely as good as you think it is.IMG_7249.jpeg
Smith Wigglesworth - Ever Increasing Faith. With the disc injury and associated nerve pain I am currently dealing with, I tend to turn towards books like this and/or the Bible. Need to do much better about that when I am feeling good but that is another post.
Oh...and Marine Sniper 93 Confirmed kills and Ghost Mountain Boys (true story) by James Campbell. Grandpa was a soldier in the second book.
Just found another Duncan Ghilchrist book about Dall sheep, pricey devil. But his offerings are so difficult to find.
Also reading Jack Carr offerings. MTG